Your Trip Has Been Canceled. Thank You!

- October 21, 2012

"The thought of having to tell everyone that our big trip to Korea never happened was literally making us sick."

The following is a guest blog by Mariann Minana-Lovato.

"Your trip has been canceled. Thank you!"

Wait, what? You can't just do that. We've been planning this trip for months. Don't you know about the thousands of dollars spent? The hours of coordination with city officials? What about the precious hard-earned vacation time logged and spent? The weeks of talking it up with family and friends and the smattering of press releases to local media. Does all of this mean nothing to you? This is no ordinary trip.

This is the world premier of the self-titled debut album by Todd and the Fox, and it is not only happening, but it's happening 6,000 miles away at the ICCN Culture Festival in Gangneung, South Korea.

So you can imagine what happened when we received an email from our trip coordinator (we'll call him Jay) telling us that our trip had been canceled on the morning of our departure, casually closing with "maybe we'll see you next year." Vomit and diarrhea quickly ensued. The thought of having to tell everyone that our big trip to Korea never happened was literally making us sick.

You're probably thinking, wait a minute, people don't just cancel these things, what happened? Long story short, we were given bad information on our itineraries. Everything to date said we left on Sunday, October 21, but the real departure date was actually a day earlier on the 20th. We don't know what happened yet, but it seems like a case of misunderstanding how the international dateline works, which is a bit of a problem when you're a travel agent making arrangements for people from all over the world.

I digress, Todd, being the resilient human being that he is, was not going to accept that his trip to Korea was canceled. After several phone calls to Jay at 5 a.m., our time, (lord knows what time it was for him) a few calls to Korean Air, a last minute booking with Southwest Airlines, and a few hundred dollars later, we were back on our original schedule.

After a lot of mental distress, (a few tears, I won't lie) and a test of the strength of our relationship, the end result was the same.  It came full circle. We are on our way to Korea.

Does it even matter that we had this experience if the end result is the same? And why did I share this piece of the story with you? Do I want pity? No. (well, maybe a little).

I think it's that i wanted to share that even though I had an annoying and stressful last 12 hours, I learned something new about my husband of six years, who I thought I knew everything about. I saw that he stays calm in the most stressful of situations, that he problem solves to make things right and most importantly,  he puts others before himself.

I finished this blog waiting in LAX, waiting for our 11:30 p.m. flight. Some people are grateful when they touch the ground. I'll be grateful when we get in the air.