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Breweries in Santa Fe: Blue Corn Brewery

If you are visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico then you might have witnessed the many things it has to offer like the several different museums, the palace of governors and several other famous tourist attraction spots. While they all depict the history and culture of the place, Santa Fe is also very famous for its many different restaurants. Here’s a place that you absolutely must visit the next time you come here.

Blue Corn Brewery

This is amongst the most famous breweries in Santa Fe and there’s really no denying it either. The Blue Corn Brewery is part of the Blue corn café that offers some of the best alcoholic beverages that you could ask for. You guessed it, the Blue Corn Brewery has taken it upon itself to offer you some of the best, freshly made ales and lagers which will definitely make you want to dance just as much as your taste buds are. The best part about this brewery might be the fact that it is so close to the hotel, you don’t even have to go out on a hunt to find a good place to have some good drinks!

The bar is made to perfectly encourage the intimacy of private conversations without making you cautious about having a million ears listen up to your conversations all the while allowing you to enjoy your vast choice of drinks in such reasonable prices, it’ll be like you’re not spending at all!

All about the drinks?

Guess what? Blue Corn Brewery is not just about freshly brewed drinks, it also serves some of the best foods in town! The drinks play its part in enhancing the taste of your food as well all the while keeping the prices as reasonable as possible!

Oh and while you visit the Blue Corn Brewery, be sure to ask about the four specialties and you’ll be told about the newest drinks being made and served. This place is built to serve and you will not be disappointed so grab on to a bunch of your friends and head out to the Blue Corn Brewery and they’ll end up thanking you soon enough!

What to try out?

You’d think there are limited amount of drinks being offered, but Blue Corn Brewery actually keeps a record of meeting new standards and experimenting its way of brewing different types of drinks. This is what places it amongst the top breweries in Santa Fe. With a vast variety to try out, you can ask your server which one is best one for you. Amongst the many, they serve:

  • Atomic Blonde Lager
  • Road Runner IPA
  • Gold Medal Oatmeal Stout

And several more that are either strong enough to get you intoxicated real fast or light enough for you to have several more. Either way, you wouldn’t regret it!

You don’t need reservations, just walk on in to the Blue Corn Brewery and enjoy some of the best drinks you’ve ever had!  

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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