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Cafes in Santa Fe: Blue Corn Café

The historical tourist attractions of Santa Fe, New Mexico are great and really go deep into the roots of culture, however, there’s more to Santa Fe than just the attractions which everyone is so eager to visit. With so much happening all at once, you need to take a break from life and just relax at a good restaurant which will not only treat your taste buds good, but also your wallet. Seems like a combination that’s almost impossible to find, isn’t it? Well, worry no more! Here’s a place that will definitely leave you feeling good and content:

Blue Corn Café

Before you look into the Blue Corn Café, you must know that there is also a Blue Corn Brewery that is part of the restaurant, but housed in a separate building. Either way, both work their way to serve you the best food available at extremely reasonable prices. You’ll definitely want to come back here and treat yourself with foods that are guaranteed to take you to a completely different world. With their patio looking out towards the river and some of the most historical land sites, you’ll enjoy the food even more if you choose the outdoor seating arrangements.

The Blue Corn Café is inclined towards serving you with utmost perfection with great services and, get this, excellent caterings as well! If you want to hold a party for a large crowd, you can simply come here and they’ll make sure to meet your requirements with professionalism and excellence. And while you’re looking into that, they also hold events from time to time which let different people come together and enjoy delicious meals and drinks thereby promoting healthy interactions.

How’s the food?

One word: perfect! You can find a variety of Mexican foods in their menu that makes your taste buds dance with every bite you take. With appetizers, soups, and serving desserts, Blue Corn Café keeps up its aim to experiment with new food and serve the best dishes. It serves up an element of surprise with every visit and leaves you wanting more. There’s nothing like watching your plate of hot food coming towards you, but that feeling kind of fades as soon as it’s time for the bill. You’d think that they’ll actually want you to at least pay good money for the food, but it’s quite the contrary! As soon as the bill arrives you’ll realize, not only is your stomach happy, but so is your wallet.

Oh and while you’re there, try looking into the New Mexican combinations that’ll be both cheaper and will save you from the trouble of choosing several dishes. Also, you can even enjoy it if you’re vegetarian because they have all vegetable meals that’ll cater to your choice of food.

Blue Corn Café is a definite must try restaurant that mixes great drinks with great food and great prices to end up with a great experience overall. Go ahead and see for yourself; you won’t be disappointed! 

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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