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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of fine art? A student forgetting a pineapple in the middle of an art exhibition only to find it covered with its own glass display four days later? It seems as if just about anything gets passed off as art these days. Where do we go for a breath of fresh air? A clear breakthrough from the nonsense that most millennials call art today can be seen at CANYON Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

An art gallery that actually pays respect and homage to serious, passionate artists of the old centuries while still managing to blend in the modern art brought about by technology into the canvas. For instance, you get to view a real piece of work drawn by the acclaimed Travis Bruce Black. It is a wolf drawn in a unique blend of watercolors and a kaleidoscopic art style, a technique Travis learnt from Japanese artist Yoshikata Amano in Japan. The wolf, drawn in black is bordered around by hues of red, is staring back at the viewer. Perhaps, it is signaling a warning not to approach too close, or perhaps beckoning the viewer to come closer; for what purpose? Only the wolf can tell.  

Personally, we were left marveling at the cauldron of emotions that this painting riled up inside our unprepared hearts. We were taken aback by the mixed emotions generated by the paints, unable to hold our restraint back, we asked the CANYON Fine Art to purchase the art piece. But on getting told that it costs north of $550, we gave up in slight disappointment. The cost aside, it is a great place  and you can browse through their colorful catalog. It will only leave you even more antagonized at the uncanny ability of these paintings to bring out the crybaby in our staff.

Our curiosities fumbled around for any semblance of meaning behind why these portraits were so expertly drawn. We came up with two talented artists at CANYON Fine Art for you. Please keep in mind that it’s just a start, and we want to leave the rest to your own discovery. Discovering and stumbling on amazing art is a far better and insightful experience than being guided their with pre-disposed expectations.

Johannes Boekhoudt
In his own words, Johannes describes himself as an abstract expressionist who portrays social criticism through his art work; he sees the canvas as a form of communication. He draws inspiration from societal circumstances based on his experience, which can be jovial, malicious and mysterious. The end result is a masterpiece that has been held at art exhibitions across museums in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Paige Bradley
Paige says that art is neither entertainment nor expensive luxury goods reserved for the super rich, instead it is culture; it is a representation of you and I. Her primary source of inspiration is her own life and relationships. From the tender age of nine she had become drawn to figurines, that she believes is the perfect vehicle to deliver the human condition. It’s no wonder that her art consistently outshines a lot of other contemporary art work.  

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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