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Here at Caitco Drainworks, a Santa Fe, NM Plumber, we really do care. We will always do a fantastic job, treat you just like part of our family and you can count on us to respond quickly to your call for plumbing services.

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CaitCo Drainworks: Get Your HVAC Summer Ready

The days are getting longer and hotter, and that can only mean one thing — summer is right around the corner! Make sure your air conditioner can keep up with the New Mexico summer heat by scheduling your annual HVAC system inspection with a CaitCo Drainworks professional HVAC technician today. Learn more about the importance of getting an HVAC inspection and what CaitCo technicians look for during inspections here. 

Santa Fe Stories: Caitco Drainworks Chris Wilson

1. What brought you to Santa Fe? Or are you a lifelong Santa Fean? Born and raised in Santa Fe. 2. What do you love most about Santa Fe?   The food. There are world renowned chefs here. 3. Where do you send your visiting friends in Santa Fe?     Meow Wolf, farmer’s market or hiking at the ski basin. 4. Where do you cool off in Santa Fe? Violet Crown. 5. Where are you going out to eat now that restaurants … Read More

CaitCo Drainworks | Modern Solutions for Water Line and Sewer Line Repairs

Family-owned and operated since 1999, CaitCo Drainworks is committed to serving Santa Fe and the surrounding communities with residential and commercial water line and sewer line repair. Pioneers in innovative Nu Flow, Nu Drain, and Trenchless sewer line repair technologies, CaitCo Drainworks offers a permanent, safe solution for water line and sewer line repair, while implementing minimally invasive techniques to safeguard surrounding property. Read more about CaitCo Drainworks’ modern solutions for water and sewer line repairs here.

CaitCo Drainworks | Benefits of Drain Cleaning Services

A plumbing system that’s an unpredictable mess can make your daily existence feel somewhat out of control. Frequent drain clogs can make tackling basic day-to-day responsibilities feel a lot more difficult than they have to be as well. If you want to take action and safeguard yourself and your household from all kinds of drain-related woes, then you should think about recruiting professional assistance. How exactly can you recruit professional help? You can do so via in-depth drain cleaning. Cleaning … Read More

CaitCo Drainworks | Carbon monoxide detection and the importance of HVAC furnace and boiler maintenance

The winter months bring with them cold days and even colder nights. Furnaces and heaters are starting up, fires are being lit, and the oven tends to always have something baking. Blankets pile on couches and warm beverages flow, conjuring images of cozy winter bliss. The winter months also bring with them a higher potential for carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning. Before you settle down this winter, call the professionals. Don’t take a chance with carbon monoxide. Learn more about … Read More

CaitCo Drainworks | 4 Things To Know When Preparing Your AC For Summer
outside ac units

Summer is here and the temperatures are going to climb quickly. Soon, the time will come to turn that air conditioner on and hide indoors.  While air conditioning provides the cool air we crave in summer, keeping its use to the minimum will lower your energy bill. According to, cooling and heating account for more than 50% of home’s energy use. In addition, people are often faced with high costs of air conditioner repairs in the summer due to … Read More