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Growing Up New Mexico is trusted to take action. We are working smart on big structural change that will improve the lives of kids and families. We’re building a pipeline for professional home-based care and a vibrant early learning center. And that’s not all. We’re keeping our eye on quality with educated professionals, enriching curriculum, and a scaffolding of opportunities that nurture secure relationships between young children and the adults in the lives. Most importantly, we are focused on closing the opportunity gap. We do this by listening to the voices in our community — policymakers and parents who share their aspirations and trust us to put them into action.

Inherent in our vision and mission are guiding principles that center on the belief that all families are capable of success if given the right opportunities and resources at the right time. Growing Up NM utilizes two parallel, mutually informed strategies in all we do, a local programmatic approach and a state-wide policy approach, with each continually informing the other. The focus of our work is to demonstrate and implement effective and proven early childhood and family support strategies, prenatal to age 5, focused on quality, equity, and access. In carrying out our work, we strive to employ a Multi-Generation, or “whole family” approach to simultaneously reach children and the adults in their lives. We build public awareness and political will for investments in early childhood education and care so that every New Mexico child and their families will have equitable access to quality early learning opportunities and the supports they need to thrive.

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