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High Desert Angler is an independent, locally owned and operated, full service fly shop, school, guide service in Santa Fe, NM. It offers fly fishing throughout NM

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Running with My Human

In the interest of full disclosure I will tell you that I am a dog. I am a working dog, my ancestors pulled sleds across the snowy tundra. Lots of dogs have important jobs, helping blind people find their way, sniffing out drugs or bombs, comforting sick people or herding sheep. I run trails with my human buddy.  Together we have run hundreds of miles of trails all over the Southwest and in and around Santa Fe where we live.  … Read More

Santa Fe Things to Do | Where to Go For Outdoor Activities
rocky outcropping in the Sangre de Cristo mountains

Winter is just around the corner, but the weather is gorgeous right now. These mild but warm temps are sure to give way to winter soon, so now is the time to enjoy the outdoors in all its glory.  Surrounding Santa Fe are myriad outdoor activities available on the extensive BLM lands and national forests waiting to be explored. Whatever your interests, these beautifully dramatic and diverse landscapes will satisfy your appetite for wide open spaces.  Here is a sampling: … Read More

New Mexico’s National Parks
White Sands

New Mexico is a land of wide open spaces and we’re lucky many of them have been preserved in national parks, national monuments and national preserves. Below is a list of the federally preserved lands in New Mexico (not including BLM lands) and what you can expect to find at all of them. New Mexico National Monuments: 1. Aztec Ruins National Monument Aztec, NM Pueblo people describe this site as part of their ancestral migrations. Today you can follow their age-old … Read More