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Front of Jean Cocteau cinema in Santa Fe

Meet Highgarden Entertainment

Highgarden Entertainment enriches the creative landscape of New Mexico through film, arts and entertainment at the Jean Cocteau Cinema, Beastly Books, and beyond. Founded by George R.R. Martin, Highgarden Entertainment operates the Jean Cocteau Cinema and Beastly Books. The Jean Cocteau Cinema, first opened in 1976 and reopened by George R.R. Martin in 2013, is an event space and movie house located in the Santa Fe Railyard. Beastly Books, located next to the Jean Cocteau Cinema at 418 Montezuma, carries collectibles and sci-fi and fantasy books, all autographed by their authors.

Jean Cocteau Cinema

The historic Jean Cocteau Cinema is not just an eclectic arthouse theater and bar, it is a unique event space that is truly transforming the entertainment scene in Santa Fe. Our local hangout showcases film, comedy, live music, and drag shows all while paired with curated cocktails and customizable charcuterie. 

The Jean Cocteau Cinema began its life back In 1976 by a group of film-loving hippies in the space we currently occupy, and christened it the “Collective Fantasy.” Operating as an art house cinema with eclectic taste. It screened 16mm films, which meant it could only show movies that had already been out for a year, no new releases (since these were all coming out on 35mm film). Along with City Lights Cinema, it was one of the only art house theaters in Santa Fe at the time. 

It wasn’t until 1983 that the theater changed its name to the Jean Cocteau Cinema after the famous french filmmaker, artist and poet. With the installation of a 35mm film system, the Jean Cocteau Cinema started offering “new and interesting” film options to the Santa Fe community. The theater also offered new concessions, like coffee, alongside standard popcorn-style options, and business boomed for a while. It won multiple “best of Santa Fe” awards from local publications like the Santa Fe Reporter. It was eventually purchased by Trans Lux. The theater closed in 2006 after the demise of Trans Lux. 

Reopened in 2013 by acclaimed fantasy and sci-fi author George RR Martin, the Jean Cocteau Cinema was once again a vibrant, eclectic moviehouse. 

the front of beastly books in santa fe Today it is a mainstay of the Santa Fe community in the Railyard District and hosts artists, singers, comedians, magicians, drag kings and queens, and authors. Its curated selection of films provides a draw to cinephiles and casual moviegoers alike, pulling from the best indie releases to beloved classics. Author events, art openings, comedy, and live performances: the Jean Cocteau Cinema has it all!

Rent the cinema for a screening of your favorite movie with friends and family, have a holiday party, host an employee gathering, or put on an event—we can make it happen!  Email us at [email protected], call us at 505-466-5528, or fill out our form here which has all of our specs!

Beastly Books 

Beastly Books is an indie bookstore which focuses on the genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Speculative Fiction, and Cross-Genre. Owned by author George R.R. Martin and located in the Railyard District of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Beastly Books strives to bring both story and rare pieces to the seasoned collecting fan and new readers alike. 

A space like no other, Beastly Books promotes community accessibility and involvement through author events, community fundraisers, open mics, workshops, and event space rental options for any occasion. We devote ourselves to connecting readers to their favorite authors and titles, while also introducing them to new rising voices within genres. You can stop by Beastly Books Wednesday—Sunday and enjoy a delicious coffee drink or curated beer and sake while you browse our books, or shop online at beastlybooks.com as we ship all over the world to bring you your favorite stories. 

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