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Meet Joe’s Dining

Joe’s opened its doors in 2002.
In 1989, traveling through Santa Fe “by accident” on their way to Napa Valley, Roland and Sheila stopped for the day. Although they were not intending to stay, Santa Fe cast its spell and within a year they were nestled in with their horses, dogs, cats, and mother-in-law in a country home where they live to this day.
Roland, having trained as a master chef in Germany, was offered the executive chef position of the venerable Palace Restaurant; the Palace of memory with the painting of the softique nude over the bar.
In a few years, the call to have one’s own restaurant eventually blossomed as Joe’s. Roland brought to Joe’s his culinary skills garnered as head chef of restaurants in London, NYC, and Toronto, including Annabelle’s, Joe Allen, Orso, Allen’s, Windsor Arms, and Mark’s Club in London.
This couple loved diners (think Fog City Diner San Francisco, Empire Diner NYC). So the visuals took shape as a diner. Underscoring everything, however, was uncompromising food quality and local sourcing. Thus . . . Joe’s combined unpretentious diner ambiance with unparalleled food quality. And that is what regulars and newbies alike have come to rely on at Joe’s.


Roland was at the forefront of the local food movement starting in 1995 in their first eatery. And at Joe’s, they hosted the first-ever Slow Food Event and won the first Farm-to-Table award from the City of Santa Fe. Joe’s became the largest buyer of locally produced foods in Santa Fe, perhaps in New Mexico.


Sheila’s passion for natural health and healing dovetails with Roland’s adherence to local healthy food. Together they have made an unwavering statement and contribution to Santa Fe culture and community.

Joe’s mission says it all:

to strengthen our health, 
to protect our land, 
to grow our economy 
by serving local sustainable food. 

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