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Mathnasium Teaches Math in a Way That Makes Sense to Kids

Mathnasium is coming to Northeast Albuquerque soon, and is already open in Santa Fe; bringing fun and highly effective math instruction to community children in grades pre-K through 12. It is common for math to be a stressful and challenging subject. Across the nation student performance is slipping, and Covid seems to have made matters worse. Many students have become discouraged believing they aren’t math people, or worse that they aren’t smart people. Without intervention career and educational opportunities may be lost, dramatically altering the future of our youth and our communities. Children don’t hate math. What they hate is being confused, intimidated and embarrassed by math.

Mathnasium can help! We use a fun, dynamic, reward-based approach to accelerate learning and deliver results. Mathnasium centers across the country have helped students of all skill levels, whether they’re struggling with math or in need of a greater challenge to catch up, keep up and get ahead. Each student receives individualized instruction based on a customized learning plan. We teach for understanding, using multiple techniques, so kids learn in a way that makes sense to them. We meet the student where they are and start building confidence and capability from day one.

The Mathnasium Method™ identifies and addresses a student’s learning gaps, so kids develop a solid foundation. They are taught by caring and knowledgeable instructors in a friendly, productive learning environment. Mathnasium provides live, face-to-face instruction both in-center and online. Math will either be the vehicle to carry our children to their ambitions, or the barrier that keeps them out. If you’re unsure about what your child needs, or if you’re ready to get them started, Mathnasium offers a free assessment in either Albuquerque or Santa Fe. Contact them today!

Mathnasium is North America’s leading math-only supplemental education franchise. Since 2002, the Mathnasium Method™ — the result of decades of hands-on instruction and development — has been transforming the lives of children in grades pre-K through 12, helping them understand, master, and love math. Mathnasium changes the lives of children in neighborhood learning centers on five continents. To learn more, go to:

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