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Snow Trax 10 | Ghostly Ski Areas
Woman skiing at Angel Fire

| By Snowsports Journalist Daniel Gibson | Ghostly Ski Areas — Ski Rio | Ever wonder what becomes of ski areas that cease operations? New Mexico has a handful of so-called “ghost ski areas” and I recently stumbled across a fantastic short video about one of them, Ski Rio. Ski Rio was located in the Sangre de Cristos very close to the Colorado border, near the town of Amalia. It operated from 1982– 1990, and again from 1995–2000, and was … Read More

Viewing the Rare Annular Eclipse in New Mexico
Annular eclipse graphic

The October Dance of the Earth, Moon, and Sun Over New Mexico On the morning of Saturday, October 14, 2023, New Mexico skywatchers will have a chance to experience a rare event – an annular solar eclipse. An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun but does not block out the entire Sun’s disk. Instead, a ring of the Sun is visible for a few minutes – the so-called “Ring of Fire.” It is … Read More

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Immerse yourself in Santa Fe’s famous International Folk Art Market, the world’s largest exhibition and sale of works by master folk artists. Since 2004, the International Folk Art Market has hosted more than 1,000 master folk artists from 100 countries, some venturing beyond their villages for the very first time. So exceptional is the work presented that over 20,000 people have attended this free event, which runs over five full days. This year, The International Folk Art Market will be … Read More