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Sacred Wellness is an award-winning artisan-crafted CBD brand made right here in Santa Fe. Dedicated to creating the best CBD products in town, we only choose organic, sustainable, ethically traded ingredients for our hand-made CBD formulas. Nature has so many gifts to offer we couldn't just pick one. Our CBD topicals and tinctures incorporate many medical plants which create a dynamic and effective CBD experience. Sacred Wellness supports a healthy body and a happy mind through balance, well-being, and CBD. We also have a beautiful and thoughtful selection of stones, minerals, and gifts. Come check us out today. 1300 Rufina Circle, Suite A1 Santa Fe NM 87505

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Fermented Foods | Healthy Immunity Boosters
Fermented red cabbage

When we think about improving our health, our minds probably navigate toward old standbys like getting to the gym more often or going on a diet. And while there’s nothing wrong with those options, a big component of our health – our immune system – actually lies in our gut. Although the term “gut” tends to conjure up images of crunches, muffin tops, or six-pack abs, it essentially has nothing to do with any of those. Gut health actually refers … Read More

Pro-Active Chiropractic | Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic?

Dr. Peter Unverferth of Pro-Active Chiropractic is one of the most trusted professionals of the chiropractic therapy and treatment field in Santa Fe. Pro-Active is dedicated to taking care of their patients in more ways than just treating their physical ailments. So, you are wondering if Medicare covers chiropractic care. The answer to that question is yes, but only in a limited capacity. A federal law that passed in 1974, included chiropractic care with Medicare Part B. As a result, … Read More

9 Things to do While Your Kids Are Home

Today begins the first day of at-home schooling for many kids in Santa Fe. In many cases school will consist of completing assignments, doing the reading, etc, leaving your kids with extra time during the day. What are you going to do with your kids during the week, especially if you are working from home? How do you lessen the chaos? How do you take advantage of the opportunity that you’ve been given? has some suggestions we’ve gathered from … Read More