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Meet Santa Fe Painting Workshops

At Santa Fe Painting Workshops, we demystify art by making painting approachable to everyone, regardless of skill level. Those who want to gain or improve painting skills will learn how to create a strong piece of art through foundational principles of good design in our historic adobe studio across from the Santa Fe River and one block from Canyon Road. We believe you make your best work when you feel supported, inspired, and are given a multitude of techniques and tools with which to create. 

We aim to empower anyone who has the desire to paint to realize that they too can make art. It is our goal to share the gift of painting with others because we know the many benefits of making art, including calming the mind, relaxing the nervous system, and an overall feeling of connection and inspiration. We get to know each other, learn from each other’s process, and rejoice in each other’s successes. We are here to teach, learn, share, laugh, and paint our hearts out! We are in the business of helping you make great art — book a class to see for yourself! 

Painting Retreats Students showing work from painting retreat.

Want to learn how to paint abstractly? Santa Fe Painting Workshops has a few spots left in their September 19 three-day painting retreat, and one spot left in the October 4 class. Our retreats are designed for those who want a creative reboot in order to begin or advance abstract painting, and are taught by local abstract painter Andrea Cermanski. We explore how to paint abstractly and use color theory, how to create a dynamic surface, techniques using surprising items, natural New Mexico pigments, and unique painting tools. By the end of the workshop, students feel renewed by learning a multitude of new techniques and ideas that will launch their work in new and exciting directions. Lunch, snacks, and beverages are included! Check out to learn more.

About Santa Fe Painting Workshops Founder Andrea Cermanski 

I am a painter and teacher who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my spouse and two toddlers. Originally from the Philadelphia area, I grabbed my first paintbrush when I was 20 years old, and haven’t turned back since. I fell in love with painting and Art History during my time at the University of Pittsburgh, and focused mostly on realism at that time. After moving to Santa Fe, I began my exciting journey in abstract painting. What I love about abstraction is the infinite ways one can represent an idea. I also love to teach. I hold a Masters in Art Education from the University of New Mexico, and taught art to middle and high school kids as well as adults for almost 20 years. 

Among my artistic accomplishments are being juried into a show curated by Judy Chicago called Feminists Under Forty, in which I displayed an encaustic piece entitled Not So Square. In addition, I was featured in E. Ashley Rooney’s Contemporary Art of the Southwest, and had my first solo show, Meditations on Nature, in October of 2011 at the William and Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe. I have shown my work on Canyon Road in Santa Fe; Tubac, Arizona; and currently show at Gallery Arlo in New Orleans and Pez Gordo Gallery in Los Cabos, Mexico. 

One of my biggest passions is traveling. I taught English in both Africa and India, and continue to travel all around the world in my downtime. I also love gardening, mountain biking, and dogs. Yes! Your well-trained four-leggeds are welcome in the studio! 

My paintings are displayed at Santa Fe Painting Workshops Downtown.

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