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Santa Fe Sugar Leaf is a vertically integrated cannabis organization who promotes mind and body wellness through integrating proper cannabis use with healthy lifestyle activities. At Santa Fe Sugar Leaf, we are passionate about Cannabis, Culture, and Community. We strive to create a comfortable and calm space for customers to explore the health benefits of cannabis and CBD. Our downtown retail boutique offers a relaxing environment for people to discover a variety of products. From the location in an area featuring art galleries, restaurants, and spas to our friendly atmosphere, customers can enjoy the experience of browsing or learning about  Santa Fe Sugar Leaf’s products.

A fourth-generation Santa Fean with deep family roots, Sophia is the CEO and guiding light behind Santa Fe Sugar Leaf, a cannabis grow facility and dispensary in Santa Fe. Holding a master’s degree in Human Performance and Sports, Sophia is a fierce advocate for health and wellness education. Having spent several years teaching at the university level, as well as a career in Continuing Medical Education, she is fully dedicated to her pursuit of mind and body wellness.

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