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Contemporary Art gallery in Santa Fe NM specializing in Fine Art by Santa Fe artists. All types of art are featured in this gallery.

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Hunting for Alfred Morang
alfred morang painting

I had been thinking about this mission for a long time and I finally find myself in the Santa Fe library seated in front of this antique microfilm viewer the size of a small refrigerator and I have loaded the reel containing the early 1958 issues of the Santa Fe New Mexican. I was not sure why I had this unremitting need to know more about Alfred Morang. I had first seen his work painted on the adobe walls across … Read More

Verve Gallery Contemporary Photography
Verve Santa Fe New Mexico

The Verve Gallery of Contemporary photography is* one of the few photography galleries in Santa Fe that have a number of respected “photography artists” that it represents. You can find it just a couple of blocks away from the main Plaza. The gallery has a very authentic feel as it is located in an old but scenic 20th century cottage. The cottage has been renovated extensively, but has managed to preserve its authenticity. This is done keeping in mind that … Read More

Santa Fe Art Galleries | The Meyer Galleries
Meyer East Gallery Santa Fe New Mexico

Established in 1967, the Meyer Galleries boasts over decades of excellence in fine art drawing, borrowing in experience from a broad range of artists with different interests. This means that the moment art enthusiasts step in, they are initially faced with an overwhelming number of choices… You will be left scratching your head on whether to choose from the precision oil painting of Suchitra Bhosle or the unique cartoonish blend of cars and thoughtful background employed by Robert Da Luke. … Read More