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The main problem that your air conditioner can cause is not keeping your home cool. This happens not just because there is a problem inside the equipment, but also because you might be doing something that is hampering the performance of your air conditioning unit. 

Here are five common homeowner mistakes that lead to air conditioning problems.

1. Improper exhaust to the condensing unit

Keeping the exhaust covered in winter is the best thing to protect it from snow or dust. However, simply uncovering the unit in summer is not enough. It is possible that the condensing unit is in a place where there is not enough space. 

Items or debris might be stacked on it or around it, causing exhaust to get trapped inside. Nearby bushes and shrubs can also cause this problem. Keep the bushes trimmed back at least two feet from the A/C unit.

2. Not changing air filters

In dusty areas like Santa Fe, the air filter, if not regularly changed, gets clogged with dust. The air trapped inside results in obstruction of the ventilation of air. It is best to regularly clean your air filters so that your air conditioning system stays healthy.

3. Closing vents in unused rooms

Closing the vents in an unused room leads to the air inside becoming stale. This also causes air to be pushed back, resulting in the same obstruction problem.

4. Accidental covering of vents

Homeowners may accidentally cover vents with furniture, storage boxes, rugs, or even art or clocks hung on walls. Covered vents can’t help cool your room, so be sure to keep them clear.

5. Forgetting to program thermostats and changing their batteries

A thermostat is like a reader that interprets the temperature in your room and communicates to the AC unit to send cooler or warmer air. However, unless programmed correctly, it won’t interpret the room’s temperature. In addition, forgetting to change the setting to heat in winter will cause the thermostat to interpret that you need cool air. 

Old batteries can also weaken the performance of your thermostat, so be sure to change them regularly.

Getting the best help

If despite resolving these common mistakes your air conditioning unit is still not working properly, it is likely you have a bigger problem.You should seek the help of CaitCo Drainworks for air conditioning repair. They offer top quality service in Santa Fe air conditioning installation, maintenance, repairs and even HVACs. CaitCo is a top service name in Santa Fe with professional HVAC technicians that you can rely on for air conditioning troubles.

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