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Weekly Press Digest
May 8, 2017 - May 18, 2017
This weekly update is designed for regional press outlets for the next 10 days. You will find information about current and upcoming films and events at the CCA Cinematheque. Due to the nature of the industry, films and showtimes are subject to change. 
* Indicates Studio
Monday - Thursday, May 8 - 11
12:30p - Risk
1:30p - Citizen Jane*
2:30p - Kedi
3:30p - Risk*
4:15p - Risk
5:30p - Citizen Jane*
6:15p - Risk
7:30p - Citizen Jane*
8:15p - Risk
Friday - Sunday, May 12 - 14
11:00a - Masters & Museums: Revolution: New Art for the New World
11:45a - Risk*
1:00p - Kedi
1:45p - Citizen Jane*
2:45p - Burden
3:45p - Risk*
5:00p - Burden
5:45p - Citizen Jane*
7:00p - Burden
7:45p - Kedi*
Monday, May 15
2:15p - Kedi
3:00p - Citizen Jane*
4:00p - Burden
5:30p - Masters & Museums: Revolution: New Art for the New World*
6:00p - Radical Southwest: Woodstock
7:30p - Santa Feans for Justine for Palestine presents Junction 48*
Tuesday, May 16
2:15p - Kedi*
3:00p - Citizen Jane
4:00p - Burden*
5:30p - Masters & Museums: Revolution: New Art for the New World
6:00p - Radical Southwest: Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back*
7:30p - Burden
Wednesday, May 17
2:15p - Kedi*
3:00p - Citizen Jane
4:00p - Burden*
5:00p - Masters & Museums: Revolution: New Art for the New World
6:45p - Farms, Films, Food: In Defense of Food*
7:00p - Farms, Films, Food: SITE presents The True Cost
Thursday, May 18
2:15p - Kedi*
3:00p - Citizen Jane
4:00p - Burden*
5:00p - Masters & Museums: Revolution: New Art for the New World
6:00p - Radical Southwest: Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire*
7:00p - The Lure w/ Special Guests
Masters & Museums: Revolution: New Art for the New World (Starts May 12)
Duration: 85m
Friday - Sunday, May 12 - 14
Monday, May 15
Tuesday, May 16
Wednesday - Thursday, May 17 - 18
Burden (Starts May 12)
Duration: 88m
Friday - Sunday, May 12 - 14
Monday, May 15
Tuesday, May 16
Wednesday - Thursday, May 17 - 18
Radical Southwest: Woodstock (May 15)
Duration: 184m
Monday, May 15
Radical Southwest: Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back (May 16)
Duration: 96m
Tuesday, May 16
Radical Southwest: Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire (May 18)
Duration: 95m
Thursday, May 18
Farms, Films, Food (May 17)
5:00p (Festivities)
6:45p In Defense of Food*
7:00p SITE presents The True Cost
The Lure (May 18)
Duration: 77m
Thursday, May 18
Risk (Final Shows)
Duration: 87m
Monday - Thursday, May 8 - 11
Friday - Sunday, May 12 - 14
Citizen Jane (Held Over)
Duration: 92m
Monday - Thursday, May 8 - 11
Friday - Sunday, May 12 - 14
Monday, May 15
Tuesday - Thursday, May 16 - 18
Kedi (Held Over)
Duration: 80m
Monday - Thursday, May 8 - 11
Friday - Sunday, May 12 - 14
Monday, May 15
Tuesday - Thursday, May 16 - 18
Masters and Museums
Our Spring 2017 series
May 12-July 2, 2017
This new series reflects the CCA’s ongoing commitment to exploring art history and celebrating the artists, institutions and movements that have shaped the way we see the world. This series includes four new titles from the popular Exhibition on Screen series, two films from the Russian art specialist Margy Kinmonth, and a selection from Checkerboard Film Foundation, which has been documenting American artists for nearly 30 years.
Series passes:   $52/$42 for CCA members
Tickets: $10.50 general / $9 seniors & students / $8.50 members / $7.50 members (seniors & students)

Masters and Museums: Revolution: New Art for a New World 
Drawing on the collections of major Russian institutions, contributions from contemporary artists, curators, and performers and personal testimony from the descendants of those involved, Margy Kinmonth’s bold film brings the Russian Avant-Garde, led by artists including Chagall, Kandinsky and Malevich, to life. Though stifled after just 15 years by totalitarian officials, and Stalin’s push for Realism, this movement created some of the world’s most visionary and powerful works. (U.K.-Russia, 2017, 90m)
Burden                                                                                                    Starts May 12
”Encapsulates Burden's prolific, provocative career and shows why he was one of modern art's most original, daring voices.” –Rolling Stone
While still in his early 20s, Chris Burden had earned himself a place in art history, by having himself shot (Shoot, 1971), locked up (Five Day Locker Piece, 1971), electrocuted, (Doorway to Heaven, 1973), cut (Through the Night Softly, 1973), crucified (Trans-fixed, 1974), and advertised on television (4 TV Ads, 1973–77). But as the 70s progressed, Burden artistically reinvented himself with multitude of assemblages, installations, kinetic and static sculptures and scientific models. Tim Marrinan and Richard Dewey’s film follows him in the studio and mines his incredible archive to tell the story of a groundbreaking artist. (U.S., 2016, 98m,  Magnolia Pictures)
The Lure        
7p Thursday, May 18        
$15 Director Tomas Leach and subjects Forrest Fenn and subjects in person
“There are an infinite number of incredible stories that are buried in the vast swath of America that stretches between New York and California ... a fascinating portrait of their enduring appeal, and this country’s inexhaustible possibilities.” –Indiewire
A few years ago, the legendary Santa Fe art collector Forrest Fenn took a large treasure chest filled with gold and jewels and hid it somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. News of this $3 million bounty slowly broke out, sparking a wild treasure hunt with people far and wide landing in New Mexico to search for gold. Director Tomas Leach follows several hunters as they try and decipher Fenn’s clues and find the treasure. 

New Mexico History Museum presents
Radical Southwest: A Film Series
In celebration of the landmark exhibition Voices of Counterculture in the Southwest, on display at the New Mexico History Museum from May 14, 2017 to February 11, 2018, this film series explores the Summer of Love, with a New Mexico twist. The series features both iconic films and personalities and more local stories in an effort shed light on a period that shaped our region in ways that continue to resonate 50 years later.
$70 general/$60 CCA and Museum of New Mexico members (does not include Long Strange Trip screening)
$90 general/$85 CCA and Museum of New Mexico members (including Long Strange Trip screening)
All shows except Long Strange Trip: $10.50/$9.50 CCA or Museum of New Mexico members/$8.50 student/senior/military/educator
Long Strange Trip: $25 via the Lensic box office, 505-988-1234,
CCA box office: 505-982-1338 or
Introduced by Baron Wolman              
Oscar Winner, Best Documentary           
6p Monday May 15
“Inspires meditation as well as joy, dark thoughts as well as hopeful ones.” ­­­–Roger Ebert
At the height of American angst over the Vietnam War, some 400,000 young people gathered for what became the world’s most famous concert. With Richie Havens, Joan Baez, The Who, Joe Cocker, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Ten Years After, John Sebastian, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, and Jimi Hendrix, the music was unreal, but still more vivid are the scenes of the hippies who arrived en masse, and played in the mud, and the nearby farmers, merchants, policemen and locals, largely stunned by the scene. Directed by Michael Wadleigh and edited by Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoomaker. (U.S., 1970, 184m)
Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back                                    
6p Tuesday May 16
“An unforgettable all-access pass … D.A. Pennebaker's landmark 1967 rock doc all but invented the form while presaging the music video.” –Village Voice
 D. A. Pennebaker captures Bob Dylan on-screen as he never would be again during his 1965 tour—his last as an acoustic artist. The future Nobel laureate is surrounded by teen fans, engages in heated philosophical jousts with journalists, and kicks back with fellow musicians Joan Baez, Donovan, and Alan Price. This radically conceived portrait of an American icon distills a seminal moment in time. (U.S., 1967, 96m, Janus Films)
Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire       
6p Thursday May 18
“Simply one of the most beautiful and moving music documentaries I have ever seen. The behind-the-scenes Leonard snooping is both fascinating and hilarious.” –Telegraph
Famed documentarian Tony Palmer follows the legendary musician/songwriter/poet during his 1972 European concert tour, as he performs his classics—“Suzanne,” “Sisters of Mercy,” “Chelsea Hotel,” “Famous Blue Raincoat,” “So Long, Marianne”—and reveals himself to be the most reluctant of folk-music heroes. Never before released, this is a startling portrait of a visionary of the counterculture era. (U.K., 1972, 103m)
“Another look at major historical events on an intimate level …  radiates with (CITIZENFOUR’s) same degree of urgency.” –Indiewire
Laura Poitras, the Academy Award-winning director of CITIZENFOUR, turns her camera on WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. With unparalleled access over five years, Poitras offers an intimate portrait of a cyberpunk underground in an era of ever-increasing surveillance and secrecy. (U.S., 2017, 84m, Neon Releasing) 
Citizen Jane                                                                                         
“Fascinating …  pulses with contemporary resonance .. as a finely woven tapestry that feels as relevant and alive as the place you live.” –Variety
Few shaped our understanding of the modern American city more than Jane Jacobs, the visionary activist and writer who fought to preserve urban communities in the face of destructive development projects. Director Matt Tyranuer (VALENTINO) vividly recals Jacobs’ 1960s showdown with ruthless construction kingpin Robert Moses over his plan to raze lower Manhattan to make way for a highway, a dramatic struggle over the very soul of the neighborhood. It’s a timely tale of the power of engaged citizens. (U.S., 2016, 92m, IFC Films)
The Wall Street Journal once suggested the capital of Turkey should be renamed Catstinopole. This sweet, insightful film follows some of the hundreds of thousands of cats who have roamed the metropolis of Istanbul freely for thousands of years, wandering in and out of people’s lives, impacting them in ways only an animal who lives between the worlds of the wild and the tamed can. Cats and their kittens bring joy and purpose to those they choose, giving people an opportunity to reflect on life and their place in it. Ceyda Turan’s first feature is a philosophical investigation, asking us to reconsider our relationship to cats, to nature, to each other. (Turkey, 2016, xxm)
UPCOMING FILMS (beyond next 10 days)  
Norman: the Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer            Starts May 19 
Cedar impressively creates a complex and intricately detailed portrait of the web of political, financial, social and religious affiliations that has everything to do with how the world works.” –Hollywood Reporter
Norman Oppenheimer (Richard Gere) lives a lonely life in the margins of New York City power and money, a would-be operator incessantly networking and dreaming up financial schemes that never come to fruition. When he meets Micha Eshel (Lior Ashkenazi), a charismatic Israeli politician, Norman reaches out with a gift of a very expensive pair of shoes, a gesture that Eshel remembers when he becomes Prime Minister three years later. Joseph Cedar (FOOTNOTE) has crafted a painfully funny look at the schmoozer we all know. With Steve Buscemi, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Hank Azaria. (U.S.-Israel, 2016, 118m, Sony Classics)
Masters and Museums: Hermitage Revealed       
“Does a good job of showing the massive array of paintings, sculptures, gilded furnishings …  We’re talking Rembrandt, Titian, Rubens, and two Da Vinci Madonnas.” –Georgia Straight
With more than 3 million treasures and more curators than any other museum, the Hermitage is one of the world’s greatest art institutions. In celebration of its 250th anniversary, this thrilling journey traces its history, offering unprecedented access to spectacular artworks and the human stories behind this remarkable museum. (U.K.-Russia, 2014, 83m)
Auteurs 2017
The CCA presents a seven-week series, featuring films from cinema’s greatest directors, all screened in best-available format
A celebration of the best of cinema’s past, The Auteurs series has become one of Santa Fe’s most popular film events. Past Auteurs series featured near-sold out shows for films by John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, Jean Cocteau, Errol Morris, Ousmane Sembene, Luchino Visconti, Ingmar Bergman and Jean-Luc Godard.
The 2017 program is the most ambitious yet, with 11 programs, a photo exhibit and live music. The program two silent films with live, original scores from the legendary Austin ensemble The Invincible Czars, and continues the famed Marseilles trilogy by Marcel Pagnol, newly restored prints of Mizoguchi’s UGETSU, Wertmuller’s SEVEN BEAUTIES, Wiseman’s TITICUT FOLLIES and Tarkovsky’s STALKER, a photo exhibit celebrating John Cassavetes, with a rare screening of his masterwork LOVE STREAMS, and a rare screening of works by the Russian animator Yuri Norstein.
The programs will be introduced by film scholars and artists including Paul Barnes, Jason Silverman, Kirk Ellis and Tim Hunter, with others to be announced.

Auteurs: Nosferatu    
7:30p Saturday May 20                   
Live, original score performed by Invincible Czars                    
$12 no passes
Santa Fe’s favorite silent film ensemble returns to town after their triumphant performances of THE WIND in 2014 and NOSFERATU in 2015. Endlessly creative, these cinema interpreters from Austin again present F.W. Murnau’s creepy and unforgettable film, which helped launch the horror film genre with incredible style and rich visuals. “It's not just a great horror movie,” the Chicago Tribune wrote. “It's a poem of horror, a symphony of dread, a film so rapt, mysterious and weirdly lovely it haunts the mind long after it's over.” (U.S., 1922, 63m, 35mm, Kino Lorber)
Auteurs: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                   
10:30a Sunday May 21  Live, original score performed by Invincible Czars        
$12 no passes 
“(The Invincible Czars) are an inventive rock sound that mixes and matches everything from klezmer to free-form." –San Antonio Express
John Barrymore plays both the upstanding scientist Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde, the alter-ego he creates to experience the more sinful elements of life, after seeing a sensual dancer (Nita Naldi) perform. What could go wrong? The underrated Hollywood powerhouse John Robertson works with an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, and the Invincible Czars draw from music by Eric Satie and Claude Debussy to provide a quietly potent score.