CHIMERA, Meow Wolf’s Non - Profit Arts Learning Initiative, Hosts Christopher J Jonson’s Book

Thursday, November 17, 6:30 pm

CHIMERA, Inc. at Meow Wolf

1352 Rufina Circle Santa Fe, NM 87507, Santa Fe NM 87507


Tickets support CHIMERA’s workshops | $15
Attendees will receive a signed copy | $30


Phone | 505-395-6369, x4

CHIMERA, Meow Wolf’s Non-Profit Arts Learning Initiative, Hosts Christopher J

Jonson’s Book Launch and Poetry Reading


November 3, 2016

Santa Fe, N.M. – CHIMERA, Meow Wolf’s non-profit arts learning initiative, hosts a

book launch and poetry reading to premier Christopher J Jonson’s New Collection:


The event will take place on Thursday, November 17 at 6:30 PM in the CHIMERA

Learning Center at Meow Wolf. $15 tickets support CHIMERA’s workshops, open

studios, and in-school instruction for youth. For $30, attendees will receive a signed copy

of the book with a matched donation to CHIMERA by the poet. Wine and light

refreshments will be served.

Tickets can be purchased online at, or by phone at 505-395-6369.

To schedule an interview with Christopher J Johnson, please call him at Photo Eye

Gallery at 988-5152, x113.

Christopher J Johnson is a member of the Meow Wolf Arts Collective, and has been an

instructor with CHIMERA since 2010, working with youth in every school in Santa Fe

County on Meow Wolf exhibits and productions. Johnson’s new collection of poetry,

&luckier, includes 64 poems written over the span of ten years. Johnson’s introspective

poetry dissolves the “I” and explores issues of impermanence and illusion.

All proceeds from the book launch and poetry reading benefit CHIMERA. As Meow

Wolf's work stands as living testament to the potential behind connecting creative

community, CHIMERA serves to pass this knowledge on to community and future

generations through programs that connect kids and their families to Meow Wolf's

creative paradigm, and directly to the artists themselves -- as visual artists, software

developers, electrical engineers, digital fabricators, interactive designers, sound

engineers, and more. This event benefits CHIMERA's Open Studios, On-Site Workshops,

and In-School Instruction through which CHIMERA provides free choice-based arts

learning, access to hands-on, multi-disciplinary skills-based training, and collaborative,

collaborative engagement through art, technology, creativity, and play.


Adelma Hnasko, CHIMERA Director of Development and Community Partnerships

505-395-6369, x4

CHIMERA, Inc. at Meow Wolf

1352 Rufina Circle

Santa Fe, NM 87507