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Radical Jewelry Makeover Artist Project

Opening Friday, November 25, 5-7pm

Santa Fe, NM – Radical Jewelry Makeover

has been traveling nationally and

internationally to communities since 2007

educating jewelers of all levels about

mining and material sourcing issues

involved in jewelry making through a fun,

fast paced, month long project.

Those tangled chains, unmatched earrings

and banged up bracelets sitting at the

bottom of jewelry boxes are exactly what

jewelry artists participating in Radical

Jewelry Makeover – want to get their

creative hands on. 22 artists from across

the country who previously collaborated with Radical Jewelry Makeover were invited to dive

more deeply into the motivations and questions of the project. As past participants, with prior

exposure to the values of RJM, they were asked to create a series of work using donated

jewelry leftover from all previous donation drives. This work, more than 100 pieces, comprises

the RJM Artist Project exhibition.

Sales will benefit the nonprofit Ethical

Metalsmiths’ efforts to educate and

connect people with responsibly sourced

materials. Ethical Metalsmiths lead

jewelers and consumers in becoming

informed activists for responsible mining,

sustainable economic development and

verified, ethical sources of materials used

in making jewelry.

RJM draws attention to the

creativity and skills of jewelry

designers, reveals the stories

behind our personal collections

and encourages re-consideration

of our habits of consumption.

Currently, materials used in

jewelry production are sourced

from some of the poorest

countries in the world, sacred

lands and disputed territories.

Often this sourcing comes at a

great cost to the environment.

RJM brings together volunteer

“miners,” who dig out and donate

their old jewelry, with volunteer

jewelers and students, working

together as refiners and

designers to collaborate on an exhibition of re-made

jewelry. Radical Jewelry Makeover offers an informed

and creative alternative to traditional mining practices

and jewelry production.

Today, the EPA estimates that hard rock mining is the

most toxic industry in the United States. Additionally,

Earthworks reports that an estimated 50% of the gold

mined each year is used for jewelry, and that a single

gold ring leaves 20 tons of mine waste.

In conjunction with the exhibition, San Francisco-based

jewelry designer and Ethical Metalsmiths board member

Jenn Carroll Wilson will give a lecture about the

exhibition and ethical materials sourcing on Saturday,

December 3 at 2pm.

What/ Who​: Radical Jewelry Makeover Artist Project

When​: Opening Friday, November 25, 2016, 5:00 – 7:00 pm through February 19, 2017.

Lecture with Ethical Metalsmiths board member Jenn Carroll Wilson Saturday, December 3,


Where​: form & concept, 435 S. Guadalupe St. Santa Fe, NM 87501

Opening Coincides with the Last Friday Art Walk in the Railyard Arts District.

For more information and high resolution images, contact:

Jordan Eddy,, 505.982.8111 x1005