Handmade Seeded Paper Art Experience

Saturday, April 8, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

242 Los Pinos Rd., Santa Fe NM 87507


| $35 per person
| $50 per couple
| 18 and over


Phone | 1-877-977-8212

Paper was first made by the Chinese in 100 BC, and like its predecessors papyrus and amate, it was used by scribes to record written word. The seeded intention paper-making experience carries forward this tradition with a twist to make it a deeply personal talisman. In this class you will make handmade paper from a flax mixture that you can embellish with organic inclusions and wildflower seeds. Once the paper is dried scribe your own words, hopes or ambitions on the paper. When the paper is planted, it will sprout future blooms, nourishing your hopes and dreams.

Enjoy our art experience in the morning, and stay for lunch in the Blue Heron Restaurant.
$35 per person | $50 per couple...18 and over