History of Chocolate at Cacao Santa Fe

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Cacao Santa Fe

3201 Richards Ln Suite B, Santa Fe NM, Santa Fe NM 87507


Cost | $39.00 per person.


Phone | 505-577-4261

The History of Chocolate

A series of lectures and tastings of historic drinking chocolate.

One and a half hour lectures which cover specific time periods.

This month we will host two lectures.

February 16 th from

February 25 th from

Our first lecture February 16 th will cover the Mesoamerican time periods 2000 BCE to 1500

CE and will include:

 Basic background on the Botanical and Ecological sources of chocolate;

 The cultural and traditional uses of chocolate during the Pre-Columbian times by

the Mesoamericans - the Maya, Zapotec and Mexica (Aztec) peoples;

Our second lecture February 25 th will cover the classic Mesoamerican era and Ancestral Pueblo

peoples of the Southwest time periods

 Basic background on the Botanical and Ecological sources of chocolate;

 The Mesoamerican trade routes and items of trade throughout the greater area;

 The Ancestral Puebloan areas of the greater Southwest;

 Evidence and uses of chocolate.

All lectures include a PowerPoint presentation and samples of historic drinking chocolates.

There will be time for questions and questions are encouraged.

Mark J. Sciscenti is a chocolate historian, artisan chocolatier and pastry chef, passionate

about fine chocolate. A native of Santa Fe, NM, he has been actively studying and working

with chocolate since 1999. Mark has been giving lectures and chocolate tastings around the

US since 2002. In 2000 Mark began recreating historically authentic drinking chocolate

recipes representative of the drinking chocolates of Mesoamerica, the historic European

period, and through the Colonial Spanish and Colonial New Mexican periods. Mark is now

creating and offering his elixirs and pastries at Cacao Santa Fe, owned by his good friends

Derek Lanter and Melanie Boudar. Previously in 2005, Mark was the sole creator and

owner of Kakawa Chocolate House until 2009. He has been baking since 1984,

professionally since 1991. Mark has interests in culinary history, ecology, spiritual ecology,

sustainability, bioregionalism, gardening and herbalism.