Kane Strang at Meow Wolf

Monday, February 20, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Meow Wolf

1352 Rufina Cir., Santa Fe NM 87507


Advance purchase | $10
Day of show | $12
21+ |



Support from Thieves and Gypsys

Kane Strang’s first album, Blue Cheese, picks up on the rough disaffection of his earlier demo collection, A Pebble And A Paper Crane, which he recorded in a WWII bomb shelter in Germany. Now back in his hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand, Kane spent two curious months alone, housesitting for his parents. Relocated, yet still isolated, Kane composed all of Blue Cheese over those quiet days. Lead-off track “The Web” channels pummeling bass lines punctuated by a twinkling synth that calls upon microscopic pop principalities of restlessness (“Yeah, I met someone else/ Without leaving my little house/ No, I haven’t held her yet/ I met her on the internet”). Its abrupt ending parallels Strang’s own disconnect. “She’s Appealing” weaves day-glo guitar motifs into distant, detached ‘80s garage pop vocals. “Never Kissed A Blonde” is driven by a slapping delay on both vocals and guitar. Kane never doesn’t surpris e with his path towards a melody, nor does he miss a hit-on-the-head-obvious-in-

retrospect memorable line.

THIEVES & GYPSYS is a band that started in the fall of 2011 in small the small town Santa Fe, New Mexico. The original band consisted of Jared Garcia, Aaron Jones and Dave Vigil, they were crammed together in an even smaller room, where the band was elbow to elbow penning out small songs in hope of expanding and making their world bigger. As time went on the band began taking form and experiencing what the world around them had to offer. Over time the band began capturing the ears of the people around them in New Mexico and growing what was called “a garage rock renaissance” by local publications. The following year 2012 Thieves & Gypsys were voted as “The Best New Band” for the Santa Fe Reporter’s annual ‘Best Of Santa Fe’
In the winter of 2013 the band decided that is was time to get out and hit the road and show America what New Mexico music scene has to offer. Due to unforeseen circumstances long time drummer Dave Vigil could not travel with the band. So Aaron and Jared decided it was time to part ways with Dave and find drummer that could help the band progress further and press on with the band. Enter Adam Cook, a speedy heavy hitting drummer that immediately inspired Thieves & Gypsys. The band began to evolve and create a sound that Tangles together surf rock, beach pop, psychedelic rock and rock’n’roll to create a sound they call ‘Wave-Rock’.
In the spring of 2014 Thieves & Gypsys recorded their debut Ep ‘Break‘ and went on their first National Tour that that lasted 47 days involved a stop in Austin for SXSW and went from coast to coast. Once the band got home they decided it was time to record an album that was manifested by what the experiences the road give them. Thieve & Gypsys began recording their first album ‘Chasing Giants’ in the winter of 2014.
Spring of 2015 the debut of a new single by the band “Take Me To The Sea” won the award for ‘Best Indie Rock Song’ for the 2015 New Mexico Music Awards. Now the band continues to take their careers one day at a time and one moment at a time in hopes to continue expanding the world around them, touring as much a possible, evolving and creating music they love, and most importantly, keeping the dream alive.