​Lannan Foundation presents In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom: Arundhati Roy with Anthony Arnove

Wednesday, May 3, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Tickets | $2 - $5 Reserved Seating




Tickets go on sale Saturday, April 1st at 12pm

Arundhati Roy is the author of "The God of Small Things", for which she received the 1997 Booker Prize. Her other books include "Field Notes on Democracy": "Listening to Grasshoppers"; "Capitalism: A Ghost Story"; "Things That Can and Cannot Be Said (with John Cusack)"; and the forthcoming new edition of "The End of Imagination". Anthony Arnove is an author, editor, and documentary film producer (most recently of Dirty Wars). He is on the editorial boards of Haymarket Books and the International Socialist Review.

Anthony Arnove produced the Academy Award–nominated documentary Dirty Wars, based on Jeremy Scahill’s book Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield and wrote, directed, and produced The People Speakwith Howard Zinn. He is the editor of several books, including Voices of a People’s History of the United States (which he coedited with Zinn); The Essential Chomsky; Howard Zinn Speaks; and Iraq Under Siege. He is the author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal and wrote the introduction for the 35th anniversary edition of Zinn’s classic work, A People’s History of the United States.

Arnove is on the editorial boards of Haymarket Books and the International Socialist Review.

Tickets: $2-$5 reserved seating