LAURIA (aka Laurianne Fiorentino) CD RELEASE PARTY

Monday, March 6, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Jean Cocteau Cinema

418 Montezuma Santafe NM, Santa Fe NM 87501


Ticket Price | $5-$15
Kickstarter backer discount - $5 With download - $10 With Hard Copy CD - $15 |


Phone | (505) 466-5528

Santa Fe’s Laurianne Fiorentino, now known as the artist Lauria will release her first studio CD “When I’m An Angel” with a multi media event and live performance open to the public Monday, March 6, 7 pm at the Jean Cocteau in Santa Fe. This will be her sixth CD - the first five CDs are live-concert and experimental recordings. 

The name change signifies a new sound and vision for Lauria. Until a few years ago, coping with undiagnosed and untreated life-long PTSD and living alone in secluded cabins in Santa Fe’s outskirts, sometimes without running water, she ventured into community to perform her solo music shows. With professional help and a lot of work this late-blooming boomer is now ready to send out some powerful evocative music “to evolve by.” In March 2015, nearly 300 music enthusiasts pledged through the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, to raise the needed funds for the 12 song CD produced by pianist John F Rangel. 

“When I’m An Angel” brings together a group of musicians and technicians from Santa Fe and around the country. They, as a collective, support Lauria as she presents a festival of musical genres from jazz, bluegrass, blues, spoken word, electronica and Americana Soul.

Producer: John F. Rangel
Additional production: John Kurzweg 
Mixing engineers: Mixer: Pete Keppler and John Kurzweg
Mastering engineer: Bob Olhsson
Drums: Mark Clark and Joel Fadness
Trumpet: JQ Whitcomb
Backing vocals: Barbara Bentree
Piano & organ: John F. Rangel
Cello: Michael Kott
Contra bass: Asher Barreras
Mandolin: Tristan Scroggins
Since the release of her debut CD “Interview with The Planet”  in 1996 Lauria has toured internationally and performed original material for film and theater soundtracks.  Most recently, soundtrack composer Dan Piburn for Ironweed Productions’ 2016 presentation of “Death Of A Salesman” chose her improvisational recordings with Michael Kott.

In a Santa Fe Reporter review of her debut solo live-concert CD, Interview With The Planet, Matt Donovan writes: “There's no whinging or finger-pointing here. Just music that's honest and challenging...with a tinge of humor. Check out the spoken-work title track with the twisted blues-band-from-hell backing track.”
Kickstarter backer discount - $5
With download - $10
With Hard Copy CD - $15