Lowrider Summer: Lowriders, Hoppers and Hot Rods

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Car Culture in Northern New Mexico

New Mexico History Museum

Santa Fe NM




Opening May 1, 2016 at The New Mexico History Museum (through March 7, 2017), explore the world of those who create these movable artworks in displays that feature 28 photographers and oral histories of lowrider creators. Eight primo examples of cherry cars rotate through the exhibit's tenure. Most importantly, the exhibit attempts to overcome the negative stigmas occasionally attached with lowrider enthusiasts. Long overdue for recognition, they take a starring role in this culturally based exhibit, which invites an under-served community into the museum and honors the way that they foster cultural pride and engage children and families in a beloved automotive activity. 

Featuring actual cars in galleries, along with artwork, photographs, car parts, oral histories and more, the exhibits aim to meld diverse audiences in a mutual attraction for these personalized works of art. After decades of cruising the streets and back roads of northern New Mexico, "Lowrider" cars have come into their own as a regional symbol of Hispanic cultural identity as evocative as homegrown chile. Lowriders have been celebrated in books and movies, and lowriders, the people congregate by the hundreds in car shows throughout the region- and now the world- to show off their achievements in mechanical excellence, awesome upholstery and painted artistry.