Making Your Book: Blurb for Photographers

Wednesday, April 5, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Tipton Hall, SFUAD

1600 St. Michaels, Santa Fe NM 87505


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“Blurb for Photographers” will speak to the newfound freedoms of the publishing world and how best to utilize the Blurb publishing platform. Attendees will learn the range of Blurb publishing tools, see samples of “atypical” books and learn specific options for a working photographer. Dan Milnor, Blurb’s “Creative Evangelist,” will cover topics such as utilizing more than one format, collaboration, best use of magazine, serial publishing, themed books and how to best communicate with an audience interested in supporting the independent publisher.

About Dan Milnor:
Daniel Milnor once worked as both a fragrance model and a hot tub installer but is better known as a reformed-journalist, photographer and writer who is now, once again, performing these duties in his role as “Creative Evangelist,” for Blurb Inc., the world’s premiere indie publishing platform. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Santa Fe and owes most of his success to several “Shifter-types” who were kind enough to help him along. He is a husband, brother, son and uncle four times over. He is partially fluent in Spanish, can kinda still ride a skateboard and just picked up a guitar for the first time ever, something he now regrets not doing decades ago. A compulsive journal-keeper, he believes in the power of print, taking one’s time, slowing down, reading paper books, casting off the shackles of social media and talking to one’s neighbors if you really want to know what is going on in the world. He is disappointed in the power of ce lebrity, American architecture, for the most part, and how mobile phones have reduced most of the population to complete and total zombies. He dreams of downsizing, writing something memorable and living somewhere in Latin America.