New York Gypsy All Stars show

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Lensic Performing Arts Center

211 W San Francisco St. Santa Fe, NM 87501, Santa Fe NM 87501


Tickets: $20-$45 | Tickets: $20-$45


Phone | 505-988-1234

Direct to The Lensic from the East Village, The New York Gypsy All Stars unite the lush sounds of their Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, and American roots to create an original sound that jumps the turnstiles of Balkanalia. Featuring classically trained musicians (including Macedonia clarinet wonder Ismail Lumanovski), they cover the world rhythmically and harmonically, zooming with Roma-inspired zeal from swinging salsa pulsing bhangra.

“We are taking what the Gypsies did, traveling from India to the Balkans and on to Western Europe and putting together the best musical ideas from every nation along the way,” says Lumanovski. “We're open to the world, and we just take everything we like and make it one."