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The Photographic Archives of Philip Townsend.
Featuring the Rolling Stones First Photo Session 1963
20 x 24 $1700.00 – Limited Editions
Signed and Stamped

The British panorama of the 1960’s was photographed by a young worldly gentleman who recognized that the stories he shot were going to be novels. As the cultural movements of the 60s swung through Britain, the Royalty subverted to the new order of the Rebels. Photographer Philip Townsend was there to record the icons of the time in London: on Kings Road, at the pubs, and in the parks. The resulting images capture the youth and hunger of the Rolling Stones, and the look of London that you will never see again. The great, the ruffian, and the beautiful passed in front of Philip’s camera: The Beatles when they first met the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and The Rolling Stones, in their first exclusive photo session. The Stone’s photographs highlight their developing personalities before they were a “Big Bang.” Philip was introduced to the group by the legendary manager, Andrew Loog Oldham. Sadly Philip passed away last year. This is our first exhibition of his work since 2008