Violet Crown - Le Samourai & Classe Tous Risque

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Crimes of Passion

Crown Violet Santa Fe

1606 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe NM 87501


Tickets per film | $9




Violet Crown is pleased to announce SUMMER IN PARIS, a month-long film series celebrating French cinema. Showcasing some of the great French cinema beyond the New Wave, SUMMER IN PARIS explores the wild side of French films from the last century. SUMMER IN PARIS will consist of eight feature films, all screened during the month of August. Four will play from August 1 - 10, and four from August 15 - 24.

Tickets are $9 per film. A Season Pass good for all 8 films can be purchased in advance at the cinema for $36.


Aug. 1 & 3: Le Samourai | Classe Tous Risque