Women, Sex, Money, and Power: A leadership retreat for women with Master Certified Coach Marty Ra

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Santa Fe Community Foundation

501 Halona St., Santa Fe, NM 87505, Santa Fe NM 87505


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This is retreat takes place on two Saturdays:
October 15 and October 29, 2016 from 9am to 12:30 both days.

Scheduled over two 3.5 hour sessions, this retreat is for women ready to step into their leadership potential, find their full power and explore their unique individual role as leaders and transformation agents. The retreat offers a profound initiation into what’s next in your life through dialogue, coaching, and powerful new practice.

This retreat is for you because you’re ready:

-To explore the benefits and difference between sexual power and gender power.
-To understand that spirituality need not eclipse sexuality, but rather, requires it.
-To be more effectively successful in your personal and professional lives.
-To efficiently deal with conflict and replace it with self-empowerment.
-To master emotions of resentment, worry, resignation to centeredness and calm.
-To modify recurring patterns that limit your well-being and ability to produce.
-To generate environments of creativity, confidence, respect and commitment.
-To realize opportunities just waiting for your own unique competencies.
-To master your own linguistic speech patterns for powerful conversations.

A leader is someone who declares a future that others willingly and enthusiastically follow.

Marty Raphael is an ontological business coach with over 7,500 hours of coaching experience world wide. She has focused on social and organizational change as a consultant, mediator, and corporate executive for over twenty years. Marty is a published author and speaker on such topics as Global Business Ethics, How Coaching Supports Effective Leadership, and Complexity Intelligence in the Workplace. In particular, the body of distinctions within what Marty has termed complexity intelligence is her own synthesis from Goleman and Gardner’s work on emotional intelligence, Stuart Heller and Richard Strozzi Heckler’s ontology of the body, her coach training with Newfield Network, her training with the Coaches Training Institute, and her training and work as a certified mediator. By increasing leaders’ complexity intelligence, she is privileged to help executives become formidable forces to affect positive and lasting organizational change.

Raphael is a Master Certified Coach and Certified Victim/Offender Mediator. Her clients include NASA, Luminaria Films, Pixar Animation Studio, International Women in Films, and Guggenheim Partners.