Chevel Sheperd on Graduation, Life in New Mexico and more -
Chevel Shepherd Santa Fe New Mexico

Kidd Corona talks to Chevel Sheperd, winner of The Voice

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A History of Blues Music

Blues is the name given to the musical form and the music genre that emerged from the African-American communities and the black cultural melting pot of the American South of the 1890’s, drawing on a fascinating mixture of African-American spirituals, traditional songs, work songs of the slaves, field hollers, shouts and chants, folk ballads, European hymns, contemporary dance music and rhymed simple narrative ballads. During their back-breaking toil in the fields of the Southern plantations, black slaves developed a “call and response” way … Read More

Summer of Love Memories
Jimi Hendrix by BAron Wolman

The Summer of Love gave birth to me.  And I don’t mean just figuratively.  I was born in July of 1967 to what could have been the straightest of straight-laced couples.  Still, there was definitely something in the air.  I’d be more inclined to believe in a zodiac sign of the freewheeling hippie than any of the Eastern or Western signs I’m supposed to have been born under.  When I listen to the music of the era, it feels like … Read More

Why Does Rolling Stone Love Baron Wolman So Much?
Jerry Garcia Waving

Oct 6, 2020 – This week we learned that legendary photographer and Santa Fe resident Baron Wolman was in the final stages of ALS, something he posted on his social media accounts. In addition to capturing some of the most iconic images of Rock n Roll from the 60s and 70s, he was a friend of many of the people at Broadcasting. The news of his condition saddened us but we are also blessed to have written about him … Read More

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