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The College of Arts and Sciences at Northern New Mexico College, presents the core of a college education, providing fundamental knowledge in the arts, humanities, sciences, and mathematics. Programs provide an in-depth education and a broad educational experience.

Its curricula are designed to:

  • introduce students to the basic method of inquiry in diverse disciplines;
  • develop analytic abilities and logical thinking; engage in the scientific method;
  • increase skills in writing and speaking;
  • foster creativity, and
  • broaden their perspective regarding humanity and culture.

The College of Arts and Sciences at Northern New Mexico College is committed to enhancing student self-esteem, and assisting in the development of a focused, empowered, independent lifelong learner with a commitment to serving his/her community. Northern New Mexico College offers one of the most affordable college of arts and sciences degree plans in the State of New Mexico.

In addition to offering associate and bachelor degrees in our disciplines, we offer the entire general education curriculum (35 credits, General Education Common Cores) required for degree completion at Northern.

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