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Corazon Concierge owners with a van they use for transportation services for seniors in Santa Fe

The owners and staff at Corazon Concierge are especially proud of their caregivers and the services that they provide for their clients. Caring for the elderly and caregiving in general, they say, is a deeply personal and rewarding experience. It is an endeavor that involves nurturing, empathy, and a genuine desire to enhance the lives of others. Cathy and Chris Stoia, the owners of Corazon Concierge, have both taken care of their parents and other family members. These acts of love instilled in them their unique vision to offer similar caregiving services to their Santa Fe and Albuquerque clients.

Corazon Concierge Caregivers

The Corazon Concierge caregivers have been with the company since 2018 when Cathy and Chris started the company. With compassion, patience, and dedication, the caregivers at Corazon assist with daily activities, manage medical needs, offer emotional support, and create a nurturing environment for their elderly clients. Corazon makes sure that their caregivers are contributing to their clients’ quality of life. They are adaptable, flexible, and available on a 24/7 basis. Their minimum time for caregiving services is only two hours. Corazon caregivers are up to the challenge.

Corazon Concierge are especially proud of their caregivers
Caring for the elderly and caregiving in general involves nurturing, empathy, and a genuine desire to enhance the lives of others.

Corazon Concierge caregivers know the importance of communication with family members. COVID was especially challenging when family members could not travel to see their loved ones. As Cathy says, “In a sense, we became the family visiting.” Corazon knows that the relationships built with the clients’ families strengthen bonds and foster solidarity. It can also bring families closer together, as members unite to support their loved ones. Effective communication, shared responsibilities, and seeking external support, are vital to maintaining family harmony while caring for a loved one — matters well understood by Corazon caregivers.

The Spotlight Series

In keeping with their background in film, the Stoias developed their Spotlight Series. They use this series to honor a client’s life here in New Mexico who has contributed to the community in incalculable ways, and to feature the people who keep Santa Fe a creative and vibrant place for artists to come.

Bill Banowsky at Violet Crown was kind enough to show each of the monthly Spotlights in a quick preview before the show. One client is chosen each month, and their spotlight photo is shown at the Santa Fe movie theater as a way to pay tribute to these remarkable individuals.

Some of the seniors featured in the Spotlight Series are Maria Benetiz (Flamenco dancer and teacher), Myrna Adler, the “Shirley Temple” of Cuba), Lisa Law (renowned photographer of the ’60s and ’70s movements), Yass Hakoshima (professional mime), Sheila Rozzan (ballet teacher extraordinaire), and many more.

For more information about Corazon Concierge, including their transportation and senior outings services, visit their website.

Yass HakoshimaSheila Rozann









Myrna AdlerMaria Benitez spotlight series for Corazon Concierge









Richard McCordKitty Ault









David LubinGeorge and Sedena Cappannelli










Lisa Law

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