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An outdoor kitchen featuring a grill.

Many homeowners fantasize about building an outdoor kitchen for relaxing and entertaining. Moving cooking and dining outdoors in our all-season climate makes sense, and an investment in an outdoor kitchen adds value to the home. 

Sage Rentfrow, vice president of The Firebird, provides inspiration for a perfect outdoor kitchen. His team helps a client make decisions according to their needs and the space they have available. Talk to The Firebird outdoor living design team — you might be surprised at what your budget will allow.

Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

Installing an outdoor kitchen makes the most of your backyard — but is it worth the investment? Consider the benefits for the homeowner, such as:

  • Increasing a home’s value and boosts curb appeal. With our temperate climate, houses with upgraded outdoor features may sell for almost 25% more than listings without exterior home upgrades.
  • Increasing livable space and more family-friendly.
  • Saving energy costs by moving the heat of cooking outdoors, decreasing heat in the home. 
  • Expanding the feeling of the size of your living and entertaining space. 
  • Encouraging entertaining and relaxing outdoors, which provides many benefits from family and friend connections to lower blood pressure and an improved immune system. 
  • Making outdoor cooking more convenient. An outdoor cooking area allows you to cook and entertain all in one place, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.
Pizza on wooden board.
Cook and enjoy your pizza outdoors.

What to consider when building an outdoor kitchen

Budget — The average cost of installing an outdoor kitchen is more than $15,000. However, if all you need is a grill and a few cabinets, the cost may be as low as several thousand dollars for a pre-built, ready-to-install unit. 

Needs and desires — Do you just want a grill and some cabinets or are you planning on a full kitchen? The more area and appliances you include, obviously, the higher the expense. 

Size — An outdoor kitchen can be as large as your space and budget allow. However, generally the space requirements should be no less than a 10-foot-by-10-foot area. 

Requirements — Small or large, an outdoor kitchen will need a solid foundation and some protection from the elements. 

A small kitchen generally includes a grill, a cooktop, a sink, and storage. The most basic outdoor kitchen consists of a built-in grill, a small counter area, and a few cabinets for storage. 

Popular features to include in your outdoor kitchen

A grill is the most popular and necessary appliance for your outdoor kitchen. Additional appliances might include an oven or pizza oven, a cooktop, and a griddle.

Cabinets and drawers for storing outdoor cookware and grill accessories also are a top choice. Cabinets manufactured for outdoor use are essential.

With or without hot water, a sink is advantageous for washing hands, prepping vegetables, and rinsing dishes and other utensils. For a gardener, a sink is helpful for cleaning up garden produce before taking it indoors. 

An outdoor mini-refrigerator serves many purposes from chilling beverages to keeping salads from wilting. A small refrigerator saves many trips indoors for refills and condiments. Some designers would also suggest adding an ice maker and a bar. Time for cocktails?

Don’t forget to add extra outdoor electrical outlets for the blender for margaritas, the crockpot of barbecue beans, or some decorative lights. 

Add a dining area with comfortable seating or an outdoor living room with stylish furniture tucked next to a fire pit. 

Is it cheaper to build your own outdoor kitchen?

When it comes to building a kitchen, whether indoors or outdoors, unless you are a contractor or experienced builder, a client should go with a company like The Firebird to recommend and provide professionals needed for installing utilities, such as electrical, plumbing, and gas. They know the safety issues and building codes. They manage the entire/complete project from design to permit to delivery and installation.

So, if you’re ready to install a stunning, professionally designed outdoor kitchen, Sage and his team at The Firebird would love to work with you.

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