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There’s a place where Art and Technology intersect, and that place is the locus for what has become the most innovative Art festival in New Mexico. Now in its 13th year as an international new media exhibition, the Currents New Media Festival is a ten-day celebration of that intersection of science and aesthetics. Taking place in locations across Santa Fe, The Currents New Media Festival runs June 14 – 23, 2024.

An initiative of Parallel Studios, a local nonprofit founded by Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster, the curators have shown artworks at the intersection of art and technology by artists based regionally, nationally, and abroad for twenty years. Bringing that expertise to the Currents New Media Festival has only expanded their reach, introducing innovative and immersive works to the masses.

The result is a diverse, dynamic, and captivating exhibition that attracts a wide range of both local and visiting audiences. Each year the festival presents works that include a mix of interactive and immersive installations, virtual and augmented reality, multimedia performances, robotics, 3D printed work, video, sound art, and more.

After years of reduced scale, the annual festival has expanded its reach to new locations, exhibiting simultaneously at Southside and Downtown venues. Now, Currents celebrates all the City Different has to offer with locations at the Santa Fe Fairgrounds, Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Currents 826, form & concept, and SITE Santa Fe.

Over 70 works will be presented as part of the multi-venue festival, ranging from new media installation and sound performance, to video works and augmented reality at CCA, The Santa Fe Fairgrounds, Currents’ year-round gallery Currents 826, and partner venue form & concept.

Visitors to CCA will experience a wide range of new media work both inside the beautiful Tank Garage gallery and outside, with several open-air installations. Currentx will also make use of CCA’s theaters, with four daily video programs and nightly performances.

At the Fairgrounds, visitors will experience creative and engaging new media works for the whole family. The neighboring Rodeo de Santa Fe will coincide with the second half of the festival. All required COVID-19 precautions will be in place at each location.

Art takes many forms, and Santa Fe has become a nexus for explorations of those forms. The Currents New Media Festival takes that concept beyond tradition and modernism. It explores brave new worlds, leading the way into the future. For more information about Currents New Media Festival, including a full list of participating artists and additional festival information, visit the website.

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