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Santa Fe, New Mexico is home to several historical land sights and tourist attractions. With the rich culture of New Mexico being evident at every nook and turn of the city, it’s hard to not love everything about it. But along with their historical virtue, it inhabits a little bit of the modern as well by surfacing several fine art galleries in Santa Fe, NM. So, if you’re an art lover who happens to be in Santa Fe, then this is the place you should definitely visit.

David Copher Gallery

Home to some of David Copher’s greatest works, David Copher Gallery is amongst the most popular fine art galleries in Santa Fe, NM which is home to several exhibits ranging from paintings to sculptures, and this is fairly new collection, ladies pendants. The thing that is most loved about this gallery is David Copher’s use of his passions that is so perfectly displayed through his paintings. For example, his most popular artwork would include coyotes and a “bull rider” which is inspired by his love for “rodeo-clowns” and the depiction of its surroundings. If you ever get a chance to visit this gallery, you’ll be surprised at how everyday inspirations could be used to create such spectacular pieces of art.

The David Copher Gallery is known to be famous for the “exhibit parties” hosted every time new exhibits are put up. The endless use of new and improved creations brings to life the depiction of a working mind through creativity as well as elegance held in the paintings.

Ladies Pendants

David Copher’s Gallery has maintained its status of being the most famous fine art galleries in Santa Fe, NM by making sure art lovers, such as himself, have something new and improved to look over every day. While the gallery exhibits a vast variety of artwork including paintings, David never fails to surprise his audience with wonderful new displays. His most recent work, which is an exhibit of wearable ladies pendants, has upgraded the gallery’s rank and given people something new to love. This collection is not some ordinary jewelery made out of stone, but, in fact, takes the ancient culture and heritage to create adornments which speaks of history as well as class.

These pendants are inspired by the rich cultural background of Anasazi and using the relics as an idea of a completely new style of jewelery. Not only does it use precious stones and metals, its design is a perfect depiction of ancient styles of jewelery that women used to wear. Bringing a modernized touch to antique necklaces, is the perfect way to infuse creativity with history and thus resulting in a formation of excellence.

The David Copher Gallery is a must visit for all the art enthusiasts who feel the need for a different kind of inspiration and for all those people who have an eye to catch the perfect that this gallery has to offer. If you’re amongst those people then don’t forget to drop by here and enjoy a range of different artwork.

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