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Located at the historic corner of West Alameda and Don Gasper, Del Charro Saloon (known as Santa Fe’s watering hole) makes the Wild West come alive through its design and setting. Even the staff gets into character to bring the place to life! Del Charro Saloon is best known for their excellence in delivering exemplary dishes in the most affordable prices with the main focus being on burgers and drinks. Upon that, the Saloon makes sure their customers reach utmost satisfaction by allowing the purchase of gift cards for their friends and family.

Del Charro Saloon

From excellent service all the way to great tasting foods, Del Charro Saloon ensures the delivery of quality as well as quantity on each customer’s plate. They offer affordable prices, and they provide food that not only tastes good, but also they insure that a ustomer wont leave hungry. But that’s not the only thing that this restaurant is best known for. Amongst other things, Del Charro Saloon has been awarded for their happy hour prices, as well as their margaritas and cocktails.

What’s on the menu?

Well Del Charro Saloon has taken it into their hands to provide the best bar food in town! With their wide range of appetizers, entrees and desserts, they make sure that the taste is not compromised regardless of the situation. The all-time customer favorite dish that has made its way into being on the list of “must try’s” is the Chef’s hamburger with its delicious Santa Fe Tostada which can be tried in both grilled salmon or grilled chicken flavors. Mixing that up with a suitable beer would give the customer the advantage of having their taste buds dance around with several savory flavors in each bite!

Another favorite from the dessert menu is the Ice cream Sundae that is known to make a hot day of touring turn into quite a treat!

Upon that, the daily “special” menu allows the customers the advantage of not having to spend hours deciding on their choice of meal. These daily specials reach down to the heart of New Mexico and create dishes that speak traditional values with each bite. It’s known to be a definite must try especially for tourists who’d like to try out the different flavors of New Mexico.

What about the drinks?

Apart from the food, Del Charro Saloon is also best known for their drinks and they provide a large variety of them too. The most well known being their cocktails and margaritas, but even apart from those the drink menu comprises of lagers, martinis and several others built to satisfy the customer’s requirements. In affordable prices, they are also able to give the customers the benefit of choosing from the specialty section and taste the perfection in each drink.

Del Charro Saloon manages to reach ultimate customer satisfaction through their exemplary services and prices providing a friendly surrounding for anyone willing to eat there. It’s an absolute must try that satisfies both the stomach as well as the wallet!

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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