Eidos Contemporary Jewelry

A curated collection for people with a taste for the modern

Eidos Contemporary Jewelry

508A Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe NM 87501


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eidos contemporary jewelry displays some of the finest jewelers in the world as well the work of owners Gordon Lawrie and Deborah Alexander. We celebrate love in all its manifold forms and have huge range of wedding and engagement rings. From Niessing tension rings to champagne and chocolate diamonds in 18kt rose gold. From Titanium to platinum via seven colors of gold.

Jewelry designers: Niessing, Henrich-Denzel, Branch, Kelim, Titan Factory, Roland Humphrey and Polish designer Zaremski are just some of the international designers that show at the delightful design atelier in the Railyard just behind REI. We also sell Boccia, Mondaine, Helvetica and steel blaze watches, and service these.

The designers that we carry are carefully curated to complement our work and our own design aesthetic and present to our customer a unique view and singular voice. They are some of the most innovative and creative jewelers in the world. This is a different gallery for individuals with a taste for the modern

The gallery owners Gordon Lawrie and Deborah Alexander have on display a fabulous collection of their own work and can also work with you to realize your dreams and mark those important moments in your life. 

Gordon Lawrie was trained at Sir John Cass College, London, The Royal College of Art and has a MA in studio metals from University of Texas, El Paso and a MFA from New Mexico State University. His work has been widely exhibited in Europe and America. Among many awards are a scholarship from Society of North American Goldsmiths for outstanding artistic ability and a first prize in the DeBeers diamonds today competition. His work is in several important collections including the National Museum of Scotland and the Royal Mint. He has been a jeweler for over 40 years, the last 20 in Santa Fe, NM.

Deborah Alexander has always had a fascination with material cultures of the past and has a degree in comparative religion from Victoria University, New Zealand. She has been designing jewelry for 20 years and draws much of her inspiration from ancient artifacts. Her post-modernist approach uses fragments to express her vision of a world in change. 

Their complimentary styles give a full range from minimal to decorative displayed in the two galleries of their newly built atelier in the Railyard.

The jewelry we make uses 100% recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. This is nothing new. We have been doing it for upward of 40 years. We are very happy to reuse customer’s stones in our designs, and reestablish the emotional connections that people have with their precious jewelry.

 We use many Australian Argyle diamonds with their unique champagne and chocolate colors. Our white diamonds are generally from Botswana. These two countries have very tight mining controls and respect indigenous rights as well as having a good record of social services.

We do not stock products from Chinese/Balinese/Thai sweat shops. Our designers are mainly either individuals or small group workshops.

Do visit eidos contemporary jewelry in the Santa Fe Railyard just behind REI.