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Joe’s Dining

2801 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe NM 87507


Phone | (505) 471 - 3800

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Monday - Sunday | 7:30 a.m. - 9p.m.

Joe’s Dining - Santa Fe, NM, Restaurant

Joe is your everyday guy. Joe is the man in the place by your house. Joe is both me and you. Joe is also Joseph, Joey, JoJo, Giuseppe and Lucy Jo, Freddie Jo and any other female variation. Joe is everyone and yet he is unique. He is nice, easy going, no bones about him, kind and yet likes the good things in life without question. He enjoys great meals, amazing dishes, cooling drinks and great friends to hang out with after hours and on the weekends.

Welcome to Joe’s Dining!

Joe’s Dining separates itself and makes itself stand out by buying from local food growers unlike other restaurants that are fine with buying and the cooking from the big suppliers coming to Santa Fe from Albuquerque in their giant trucks and processed foods. Owners Sheila and Roland started Joe’s Dining in 2002. Their goal when they started was to provide a down home setting restaurant for Santa Fe’ans with a hankering for top level service, dishes made with sustainable fantastic locally grown superior food at reasonable prices.

Joe’s Dining is the largest quantity purchaser of Santa Fe Farmers Market produce and foods in the Santa Fe area. The math bears out this assertion. Each year Joe’s Dining, purchases over $100,000 in foods made and grown locally. Buying by Joe’s of foods produced locally increased by 340% from 2008 to 2012.

Patrons at Joe’s Dining love the dishes we make and they enjoy the fact we make them with locally produced food from right there in the Santa Fe, NM, area. It is both ours and our customers driving desire for good food both made and produced locally.

Components in dishes and Joe’s Dining from locally produced foods include bison, New Mexico lamb fed with local grasses, Sweet Grass Co-op ground beef, locally grown chile, eggs, chicken livers, organic flour made from wheat grown in New Mexico, feta cheese, fruits, veggies, sprouts, wines, beers, breads, house made mozzarella and desserts cooked homemade.