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222 Galisteo Street , Santa Fe NM 87501


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Mediterrania - Santa Fe, NM, Antique Store

Representing 4 decades of watchfulness sustained by an unabashed love affair with southern Europe, Mediterrania in midtown Santa Fe is among the biggest importers of antiques, accessories, duplications, period items and also beautiful fabrics from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Peru and also it carries the finest hand-painted Talavera ceramic made in the country of Mexico.

Here, you have the possibility to purchase authentic European antiques at price points just like those of duplication furnishings. Because Mediterrania is the only U.S. antiquarians that has its very own restoration and cabinetry shop in Spain, no other business in America has this type of direct channel to southern Europe. Indeed, discovering the Mediterrania display room makes you seem like you've been someplace, instead of being inside a business in downtown Santa Fe. Having accessibility to more antiques than the majority of people have in a lifetime, all of Mediterrania's collection was found in a needing to be restored status in Spain, Portugal, France or Italy. They were then cleaned as well as meticulously reconditioned at their facility in Catalonia, Spain.

Owners Marc Galante as well as Elayne Gallegos additionally maintain a tiny factory in Peru for their line of Colonial recreations. The workmanship is evident as well as charming, as well as Marc is happy to talk about his stock. Doubtless, he is the expert. He keeps a collection of YouTube video clips talking about the craft, fine art, as well as record of his register of collectibles. In business considering that 1994, Mediterranea is absolute reputation and also unambiguous provenance.