Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf & George RR Martin join forces to produce an art complex featuring the most insane art experience imaginable.

Meow Wolf

1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe NM 87507


| (505) 395-6369

Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe based art and entertainment production company that creates immersive multi-media art experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastical, explorable realms of discoverable narrative. The work is a combination of jungle gym, haunted house, children's museum and immersive art exhibit. Originally organized in Santa Fe as an informal collective in 2008, Meow Wolf has grown to have had 22 full exhibits across 8 United States Cities.  

Meow Wolf is excited to open its first permanent installation inside of the old Siler Bowling Alley. With partnership with George RR Martin and a $2.4 Million renovation Meow Wolf is back in their home town. The Meow Wolf complex includes a 33,000 square foot building that lives on 2.6 acres of land. Inside you will find exhibitions, traditional galleries, community workspace, learning center, performance venue and more. With various other spaces that will welcome rotating, year round programming and participation. 

The Meow Wolf complex is home to Meow Wolf's permanent installation House of Eternal Ruin; an explore wonderland built for audiences of all ages. Choose your path as you walk, climb and crawl through this interactive experience. House of Eternal Ruin is the follow-up exhibit to The Due Return, a wildly successful exhibit that opened in 2011 at The Center of Contemporary Arts here in Santa Fe. House of Eternal Ruin is ten times the size of its predecessor, telling the story of a family from Mobile, Alabama who become locked away in their old Victorian house in the midst of a dimensional rift. Who is this family? What happened in this house? All questions are answered while exploring Meow Wolfs House of Eternal Ruin.