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New Mexico Magazine has come a long way since its humble beginning in July 1923 as the New Mexico Highway Journal. Its pages traditionally bring New Mexico into the hearts of people longing for this glorious state for some reason or another, but mostly because they are away.

In-state residents also rejoice in the pages of the magazine, discovering threshholds to new and exciting places they never imagined existed in their own backyard.

The magazine reliably serves as an avenue for discovery, tapping into that same adventurous spirit that has inspired and driven a long line of diverse explorers throughout the state's vast history.

New Mexico Magazine, now well into its eighth decade, has gone through many cosmetic changes throughout the years as evidenced in the brief sampling of covers on this page. There is a marked progression of improvement and we hope to continue this trend well into this 21st century and beyond. Who knows, maybe someday a transplanted New Mexican anxiously will await the next copy of New Mexico Magazine from a dwelling on the moon.

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