Santa Fe Water Conservation Office

City of Santa Fe

Santa Fe Water Conservation Office

Santa Fe NM 87505


Phone: | 505.955.6949

Saving water is always in season. Re-thinking the way we use water, indoors and outdoors, will stretch our scarce water supply for future generations. Many Santa Fe customers have already found ways to make using water wisely a part of their lifestyle.

Conservation is not just something we do in the summer when demand is high and supplies are low. Water is a limited resource in high desert Santa Fe and our water supply is threatened by climate change and population growth. Conserving water is the most direct way to ensure it's available in the future and is much less expensive than buying new water sources and building the infrastructure to deliver it.

Ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day. In Santa Fe, that’s more than 3,800 homes. In addition to toilet flappers, common sources of leaks include faucets and valves.