Santo Nino Regional Catholic School

excellent elementary, academic education with a Catholic tradition

Santo Nino Regional Catholic School

23 College Ave, Santa Fe NM 87508


Phone | (505) 424-1766

Santo Niño Regional Catholic School - Santa Fe NM Catholic School

Santo Niño Regional Catholic School to begin with is initially and primary a family. It is a family of students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. We are a family that is connected via our Faith in God. This confidence links us in many means. We are a school that cares about love, character, principles, as well as development. We supply our pupils with the devices not only for far attaining academic growth, but likewise for spiritual as well as character development. We are firm in our belief that supporting both the mind and also heart will certainly provide our alums with the assurance of an education that positions them by themselves glorious path.

Producing an amazing education is all about teachers! Our training staff at Santo Niño Regional Catholic School is outstanding. We have an unique and thoughtful group of teachers that collaborate in consistency as well as pleasure to define the most challenging and interesting educational programs that they could summon. While at the very same time they give relationship, security, as well as undoubtedly a caring atmosphere for the kids in their classrooms.

Part and parcel there is no doubt our objective at Santo Niño Regional Catholic School is to offer our students with a well balanced education. Our institution is suggested to develop opportunity and motivation. With this in mind we have actually established a remarkable education in the arts. We offer: library, art, songs, 21st century, and physical education. Our group of crucial teachers specializes in their fields and creates finding out atmospheres that are interesting, energetic, as well as most importantly enjoyable!

Let's not forget that education ought to be fun! Our kids are a light of happiness and wonder. We understand that when a pupil is having a good time and is absolutely concentrated their capacity to find out is substantially increased. It is our objective to inform our pupils as fully as we can. Whenever feasible we try to make that education packed with laughter, grins, as well as happiness.