The Candyman Strings and Things

Santa Fe's Community Music Center

The Candyman Strings and Things

851 St. Michael's Drive, Santa Fe NM 87505


Phone | (505) 983-5906

The Candyman Strings and Things - Santa Fe, NM, Music Store

We're the most effective family-owned music store in Northern New Mexico where you can ...


The Candyman Strings and Things, a Santa Fe, NM, music store, is located in a fantastic building on St Michaels Drive in Santa Fe, NM. In it you will find a showcasing of a diverse choice of music instruments and accessories including guitars, electric guitars, drums as well as percussion, amplifiers, professional audio equipment, keyboards, instructional products, as well as band musical instruments. To add to all that, we've got accessories galore!

Don't want to acquire today? We also have an amazing rental program! In addition to musical instruments, we could lease you the equipment. That definitely should meet your audio support requirements. We have mixers, loud sound speakers, amplification, and also microphones to manage just about any type of location for your job, wedding celebration, or event.

Need repair services? We do em for guitars, amps, band instruments, band instruments, brass tools, keyboards, as well as more!


At The Candyman there are a wide variety of opportunities to learn in our Music Education Program. Best of all, we have first-class teachers readily available for personal playing lessons to learn to play the following instruments: guitar, bass, drums, piano, woodwind, strings and metal.

Is jamming with others your thing? Take advantage of the company's various on-going music programs such as Rock School sessions for youngsters and also adults, or our renowned Summer Rock Camp!

We likewise have clinics, workshops and also facilities throughout the year.
Please call us at 983-5906 or CLICK HERE for more information.


Unlike many stores, we desire our clients to obtain our practical our tools! We urge every person ahead in and also play.

If you do not play, yet desire you did, come as well as enjoy our annual Wan na Play? Experience in May. Today is set aside specifically for the non-player to come in and also partake in cost-free lessons, drum, guitar, as well as harp circles, find out about all our tools in our petting zoo and more!

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