The Pantry Restaurant

Santa Fe’s meeting and eating place since 1948

The Pantry Restaurant

1820 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe NM 87505


Phone | (505) 986-0022

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Monday - Saturday | 6:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Sunday | 7 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

The Pantry Restaurant – Santa Fe, NM, Restaurant

From 1948 through today visitors and locals have been meeting and eating at The Pantry Restaurant.

You are invited to come enjoy a meal at Santa Fe, NM, restaurant The Pantry. Top level family-style comfort food dishes have made from scratch here for over 67 years. The hallmark of The Pantry Restaurant is its incredible food, the finest green and red chile in Santa Fe, super friendly service and fast table-side delivery. The Pantry Restaurant is a family owned and particularly because of that fact its goals with each customer more than anything are to provide great service, super fresh superior fixings and to make each person who sits down to feel like one of the household.  

The Pantry is Now Offering Dinner!

Hours have been extended and now include dinner. For those that haven’t been to The Pantry Restaurant and for those that have, there are some new dishes on the menu on top of all the traditional breakfast menu items people have always loved. People are invited to come dine with The Pantry Restaurant and see what all the positive buzz is about. There are fantastic specials, huge desserts and a wide selection of beer and fine wine.

George Myers started Santa Fe, NM, restaurant The Pantry Restaurant in 1948. This was truly the beginning of providing high-level fresh ingredients and fantastic service that has been par for the course for 67 years at this iconic Santa Fe, NM, restaurant. There’s no telling with 67 years in business the volume of romances, and business and political deals that have been accomplished at the Pantry Restaurant since it opened. There have been 7 owners of The Pantry Restaurant since it opened. The Singley Family are the owners now of the Pantry Restaurant. The family is committed to continue providing the best service and fantastic meals with finest ingredients to all its wonderful customers.