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Have you watched all the Netflix yet? Cleaned the garage top to bottom? Done all the laundry? Organized your books by color? Yeah, us too. Keeping yourself occupied and busy is healthy in a lot of ways, but sometimes you just need to turn off, relax and lose yourself. This week we’re focusing on videos, but stay tuned to SantaFe.com for our favorite reads.

  1. Watch some animals with these live streams
  2. Make a Cosmo with Ina Garten
  3. Stream the northern lights
  4. If you’re a soccer fan, NBC Sports has compiled a list of extended highlights of some of the best Premier Leage games ever.
  5. Take a virtual tour of Japan
  6. Tour the Louvre
  7. Tour the globe with this guy
  8. If you don’t feel like being a couch potato, here’s a list of workout videos
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