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Supply chain issues are on everyone’s mind these days. “Delivery date delayed” is not what you want to hear about your holiday gift arrivals!

Long renowned as the premier Santa Fe art shipping company, Pak Mail off the Plaza promises to safely shepherd the packaging and transportation of your invaluable packages during this holiday season. Anxious about shipping delays? It’s better to shop local this holiday season and when you do, use Pak Mail off the Plaza to ensure your gifts arrive safely and on time to your loved ones, near and far away.

Is it true that pandemic-related supply chain issues will cause delays in holiday shipping? 

Yes, record backups at U.S. ports due to COVID protocols and labor shortages have delayed raw material availability to manufacturers. These disruptions have caused shortages across many product categories. You can see the diminishing cascade effect in many stores, where shelves were once always full, and yet now are often frustratingly empty.

Why? Global supply chains have been challenged by protecting workers in offices and factories, as well as by skyrocketing prices of materials and shipping. The nation overall is short on truck drivers and warehouse workers, while big box stores and local retailers struggle to fill personnel positions and their store shelves.

Yet, demand for goods is also on the rise. The end result is higher prices and shipping delays. To minimize this effect, we hope everyone chooses to shop local and when you do, Pak Mail is here in the heart of downtown Santa Fe to make sure your gifts arrive on time and in one piece.

What are the recommended shipping deadlines this holiday season? 

Due to the pandemic effects, major carriers have suspended their service guarantees on many of their lower-priced shipping options. The holiday shopping season has been starting earlier and earlier since big box stores first opened their doors for Black Friday deals. So, plan to get your shopping done well ahead of Thanksgiving, and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping deals. We encourage you to shop locally rather than online.

Shipping deadlines are tighter this year. If you want to ship using ground or priority rates, the last week of November and the first week of December are the best times to do so. For express shipping, we recommend you do so no later than the middle of December because even express shipping delivery is not necessarily guaranteed in the last few days of the season. Now is the time to ship for the holidays to make sure your packages arrive on time, and don’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so!

We ensure your shipping will be on time, and as inexpensively as possible.

Supply chain pressures have driven up inflation, forcing many companies to pass these costs on to consumers. Whether small parcels or large freight shipping, Pak Mail off the Plaza has you covered at competitive prices.

We specialize in the best routes and carriers to ship from Santa Fe coast-to-coast and worldwide. Despite pandemic-related carrier changes and operational adjustments, we will find the safest, most expedient route to ensure your packages arrive at their final destination, at the best price terms for you. Check with us for the latest prices, shipping rates, and carrier schedules from Santa Fe to any destination in the world during this holiday season.

We pack and ship Santa Fe! Get your free quote from us today, or (505) 989-7380Pak Mail off the Plaza, 369 Montezuma Ave, in the heart of downtown Santa Fe!

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