ESPN 1400 On Air Game Schedule

Staff - August 6, 2015

Subject to change at a moment's notice - all times Mountain time.

REV 10/16/18

October 2018

Tuesday October 16- NLCS Game 4/ALCS Game 3

Wednesday October 17- NLCS Game 5/ALCS Game 4

Thursday October 18- 6:00p- Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals

Friday October 19- 6:45p- HS Football TBD

Saturday October 20- 12:45p HS Football/4:30pTBD- Fresno State @ UNM Lobos

Sunday October 21- 7:00a- Tennessee Titans vs LA Chargers in London

1:45p- Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

5:30p- LA Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

Monday October 22- 5:30p- NY Giants @ Atlanta Falcons

Tuesday October 23- World Series Game 1

Wednesday October 24- World Series Game 2

Thursday October 25- 6:00p- Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans

Friday October 26- World Series Game 3

Saturday October 27- 1:15p- HS Football (tentative TBD)/ World Series Game 4

1:00p- UNM Lobos @ Utah State

Sunday October 28- 7:00a- Philadelphia Eagles vs Jacksonville Jaguars in London

5:30p- New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings/ World Series Game 5

(Cowboys Bye Week)

Monday October 29- 5:30p- New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

Tuesday October 30- World Series Game 6

Wednesday October 31- 7:00p- Lobos Coach's Show/World Series Game 7

November 2018

Thursday November 1- 6:00p- Oakland Raiders @ San Francisco 49ers

Friday November 2- 6:45p- Capital @ Santa Fe OR St Michaels @ Raton

Saturday November 3- TBD- San Diego State @ UNM Lobos

Sunday November 4- 5:30p- Green Bay Packers @ New England Patriots

Monday November 5- 5:45p- Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys

Tuesday November 6- 7:30p- UNM Lobos @ CSUN

Thursday November 6- 6:00p- Carolina Panthers @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Wednesday November 7- 7:00p- Lobos Coach's Show

Saturday November 10- 12:30p- UNM Lobos @ Air Force/6:30p- UNM vs Northern New Mexico College

Sunday November 11- 5:45p- Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Monday November 12- 5:30p- NY Giants @ San Francisco 49ers

Tuesday November 13- 7:00p- Lobos Coach's Show/6:30p- UNM Lobos vs Iona

Thursday November 15- 6:00p- Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks

Friday November 16- 6:00p- Boise State @ UNM Lobos

Saturday November 17- 3:30p- UNM Lobos vs NM State

Sunday November 18- 10:30a- Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons

5:30p- Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Monday November 19- 5:30p- Kansas City Chiefs vs LA Rams in Mexico City

Tuesday November 20- 7:00p- Lobos Coach's Show

Thursday November 22- Thanksgiving Day Tripleheader

10:00a- Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

2:00p- Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys

6:00p- Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

Saturday November 24- 11:30a Wyoming @ UNM Lobos (last regular season game)/ TBD- Lobos BB vs UTEP

Sunday November 25- 5:30p- Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

Monday Novermber 26- 5:30p- Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

Thursday November 29- 5:45p- New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys

December 2018

Saturday December 1- 5:30p- UNM Lobos @ Bradley

Sunday December 2- 5:30p- San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

Monday December 3- 5:30p- Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles

Tuesday December 4- 6:30p- UNM @ NM State

Thursday December 6:00p- Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

Friday December 7- TBD UNM Lobos vs St Mary's @ Air Force Reserve Classic

Sunday December 9- 1:45p- Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

5:30p- Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders

Monday December 10- 5:30p- Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks

Tuesday December 11- 6:30p- UNM vs Colorado

Thursday December 13- 6:0p LA Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs (last Thursday night game)

Saturday December 15- 2:00p- Cleveland Browns @ Denver Broncos OR Houston Texans @ NY Jets

6:00p- Houston Texans @ NY Jets OR Cleveland Browns @ Denver Broncos

Sunday December 16- 10:30a Dallas Cowboys @ Indianapolis Colts/1:30p- UNM vss Central Arkansas

5:30p- Philadelphia Eagles @ LA Rams

Monday December 17- 5:30p- New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

Tuesday December 18- 6:30p- UNM vs North Texas 

Saturday December 22- 2:00p- Teams TBD/ 1:30p- UNM vs Penn

6:00p- Teams TBD

Sunday December 23- 10:30a- Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

5:30p- Kansas City Chiefs @ Seattle Seahawks

Monday December 24- 5:30p- Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

Sunday December 30- 10:30a- Dallas Cowboys @ NY Giants/TBD-UNM @ University of the Southwest

5:30p- Teams TBD

January 2019

Wednesday January 2- 6:30p- UNM @ Air Force

Saturday January 5- 2:00p-Wild Card Game

5:45p- Wild Card Game/5:30p- UNM vs Nevada

Tuesday January 8- 8:30p- UNM vs UNLV

Sunday January 6- 10:30a- Wild Card Game

2:15p- Wild Card Game

Saturday January 12- 2:00p Divisional Playoffs/1:30p- UNM @ Colorado State

5:45p- Divisional Playoffs

Sunday January 13- 10:30a- Divisional Playoffs

2:15p- Divisional Playoffs

Tuesday January 15- 8:30p- UNM @ San Diego State

Saturday January 19- 3:30p- UNM vs Wyoming

Sunday January 20- 12:00p- NFC Championship

4:14p- AFC Championship

Tuesday January 22- 7:30p- UNM @ UNLV

Saturday January 26- 1:30p- UNM vs Utah State

Sunday January 27- TBA Pro Bowl @ Orlando

February 2019

Saturday February 2- 7:30p- UNM @ Fresno State

Sunday February 3- Super Bowl @ Atlanta

Tuesday February 5- 8:30p- UNM vs San Diego State

Saturday February 9- 3:30p- UNM @ Nevada

Wednesday February 13- 6:30p- UNM vs San Jose State

Saturday February 16- 4:30p- UNM vs Fresno State

Wednesday February 20- 8:30p- UNM @ Utah State

Tuesday February 26- 7:30p- UNM @ San Jose State

March 2019

Saturday March 2- 7:30p- UNM vs Colorado State

Wednesday March 6- 8:30p- UNM vs Boise State

Saturday March 9- TBD- UNM @ Wyoming (last regular season game)

(Due to legal restrictions we cannot stream games on our website)