ESPN 1400 On Air Game Schedule

Staff - August 6, 2015

Subject to change at a moment's notice - all times Mountain time.

REV 6/14/17

June 2017 

Saturday June 17- 5:00p Boston Red Sox @ Houston Astros

Sunday June 18- 5:00p Boston Red Sox @ Houston Astros

Wednesday June 21- 6:00p Arizona Diamondbacks @ Colorado Rockies

Saturday June 24- 4:00 Pittsburgh Pirates @ St Louis Cardinals

Sunday June 25- 5:00p Pittsburgh Pirates @ St Louis Cardinals

July 2017

Saturday July 1- 5:00p Washington Nationals @ St Louis Cardinals

Sunday July 2- 5:00p Washington Nationals @ St Louis Cardinals

Tuesday July 4- 10:30a- Toronto Blue Jays @ NY Yankees/5:00p- Boston Red Sox @ Texas Rangers

Saturday June 8- 4:00p Detroit Tigers @ Cleveland Indians

Sunday June 9- 5:00p Detroit Tigers @ Cleveland Indians

Monday July 10- 6:00p Home Run Derby

Tuesday July 11- 5:00p All Star Game

Saturday July 15- 1:00p NY Yankees @ Boston Red Sox

Sunday July 16- 5:00p NY Yankees @ Boston Red Sox

Wednesday July 19- TBD MLB

Saturday July 22- 1:00p St Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs

Sunday July 23- 5:00p St Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs

Wednesday July 26- TBD MLB

Saturday July 29- TBD MLB

Sunday July 30- 5:00p TBD MLB

August 2017

Wednesday August 2- TBD MLB

Thursday August 3- 5:30p Hall of Fame Game- Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys

Saturday August 5- TBD MLB

Suday August 6- TBD MLB

Wednesday August 9- TBD MLB

Saturday August 12- TBD MLB/6:30p-Cowboys @ LA Rams (1st pre-season game)

Sunday August 13- 5:00p TBD MLB

Wednesday August 16- TBD MLB

Saturday August 19- TBD MLB/4:30p Cowboys vs Indianapolis Colts (2nd pre-season game)

Sunday August 20- 4:00p St Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Pirates in Williamsport PA 

Wednesday August 23- TBD MLB

Saturday August 26- TBD MLB/5:30p Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders (3rd pre-season game)

Sunday August 27- 5:00p TBD MLB

Wednesday August 30- TBD MLB

Thursday August 31- 5:30p Cowboys @ Houston Texans (last pre-season game)

September 2017

Saturday September 2- 10:30a Boston Red Sox @ NY Yankees/TBD- Lobos vs Abilene Christian

Sunday September 3- 5:00p Boston Red Sox @ NY Yankees

Wednesday September 6- TBD MLB

Saturday September 9- TBD MLB/TBD- Lobos vs NM State

Sunday September 10- 5:00p TBD MLB/6:00p Cowboys vs NY Giants

Thursday September 14-5:00p- Lobos @ Boise State

Saturday September 16- TBD MLB

Sunday September 17- 5:00p TBD MLB/1:45p- Cowboys @ Denver Broncos

Saturday September 23- TBD MLB/TBD- Lobos @ Tulsa

Sunday September 24- 5:00p TBD MLB

Monday September 25- 6:00p Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals

Saturday September 30- TBD MLB/ 4:00p- Lobos vs Air Force

October 2017

Sunday October 1- TBD MLB last day of regular season/Lobos Bye Week/ 10:30a- Cowboys vs LA Rams

Sunday October 8- 1:45p Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers

Saturday October 14- TBD- Lobos @ Fresno State

Sunday October 15- Cowboys Bye Week

Friday October 20- 7:15- Lobos vs Colorado State

Sunday October 22-1:30p Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers

Saturday October 28- TBD Lobos @ Wyoming

Sunday October 29- 1:45p Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

November 2017

Saturday November 4- TBD- Lobos vs Utah State

Sunday November 5- 1:45p Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs

Saturday November 11- TBD Lobos @ Texas A&M

Sunday November 12- 1:45p Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons

Friday November 17- TBD Lobos Football vs UNLV/TBD- Lobos BB @ NM State

Sunday November 19- 6:00p Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles

Thursday November 23- Thanksgiving Day Tripleheader!

10:30a Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

2:00p Cowboys vs LA Chargers

6:30p NY Giants @ Washington Redskins

Friday November 24- 12:30p- Lobos Football @ San Diego State(last game)/TBD- Lobos BB vs TCU

Thursday November 30- 1:45p- Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

December 2017

Saturday December 9- TBD Lobos vs NM State

Sunday December 10- 1:45p- Cowboys @ NY Giants

Saturday December 16- TBD Lobos vs Arizona

Sunday December 17- 6:00p- Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

Sunday December 24- 1:45p Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks

Wednesday December 27- TBD Lobos vs Air Force

Saturday December 30- TBD Lobos @ Nevada

Sunday December 31- 10:30a- Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

January 2018

Wednesday January 3- TBD Lobos @ Boise State

Saturday January 6- TBD Lobos vs San Jose State

Wednesday January 10- TBD Lobos vs Wyoming

Saturday January 13- TBD Lobos @ Fresno State

Wednesday January 17- TBD Lobos @ UNLV

Saturday January 20- TBD Lobos vs San Diego State

Saturday January 27- TBD Lobos vs Colorado State

Wednesday January 31- TBD Lobos @ Utah State

February 2018

Saturday February 3- TBD Lobos @ San Jose State

Wednesday February 7- TBD Lobos vs Boise State

Saturday February 10- TBD Lobos @ Air Force

Wednesday February 14- TBD Lobos vs Utah State

Wednesday February 21- TBD Lobos @ Wyoming

Saturday February 24- TBD Lobos vs UNLV

Wednesday February 28- TBD Lobos @ Colorado State

March 2018

March 3- TBD Lobos vs Fresno State 

March 7 -10 MWC Tournament- Las Vegas

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