April Cuisine Scene

Lynn Cline - April 2, 2019

Early spring in Santa Fe offers plenty of fun for food-lovers

April is here, and instead of showers and early flowers, so far we've had snow. The current weather lends truth to the old adage that T.S. Eliot wrote about in "The Wasteland" —April can be the cruelest month. Yet apart from some cold and some wind, and the looming deadline for taxes, spring in northern New Mexico can be gorgeous. While long, warm days and balmy nights are still a ways away, there are plenty of ways to celebrate early spring in Santa Fe, especially if you're a food-lover. Read on for a few ideas then browse SantaFe.com's Dining section and calendar to find more enticing events.

What's Hoppin' @ Honeymoon Brewery

Have you discovered HoneyMoon Brewery? If not, hightail it over to this hard kombucha brewery, for it's worth checking out. You'll taste a brand new beverage made by combining traditional beer brewing with kombucha brewing. Co-founded by brewer James Hill and CEO Ayla Bystrom-Williams, HoneyMoon relies on kombucha as the basis for brewing its beer, using the company's own hybridized production process. The result is a probiotic alcoholic drink that's also gluten-free.

According to HoneyMoon's website: “Through a dynamic balance of very traditional and very non-traditional brewing styles, we are venturing into exciting, rarely explored areas of brewing. We think you'll fall in love with our artisanal alcoholic kombucha and we hope you'll all join us in celebrating the marriage of kombucha and beer at Honeymoon Brewery!”

You could drop in for a visit this Friday April 5, between 5 and 8 pm, to enjoy a kombucha cocktail and view HoneyMoon's debut art show, featuring photographs of New Mexico by Santa Fe artist Sara Culler.

A Helping Hand for Kitchen Angels

It's easy to lend a hand to our community on April 25, the date of the 21st Annual Angels Dine Out fundraiser. The daylong event devoted to dining out and doing good gives each and every one of us a chance to serve up heaps of goodness. Simply dine out for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or why not all three?) in any of the 40 great Santa Fe restaurants listed here on Kitchen Angel's website. The restaurant will then donate 25% of your check to Kitchen Angels. The volunteer-driven nonprofit has been preparing and delivering nutritious and delicious meals to homebound people facing life-challenging health conditions since 1992. This is clearly a win-win situation.

Get Excited About Food with Cheryl Jamison

Any foodie worth their salt knows who Cheryl Alters Jamison is and has at least a handful of her cookbooks on a kitchen shelf. The four-time James Beard award-winning cookbook author and host of “Heating It Up!”—Hutton Broadcasting's exciting weekly talk radio show focused on food on KTRC—wears many chef hats, having worked on New Mexico's Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail and Culinary Treasures Trail and currently serving as contributing culinary writer for “New Mexico Magazine.”

Now, Cheryl dons one more chef's hat as she takes part in the Santa Fe Botanical Garden's inspiring Food for Thought series. The “Excited About Food with Cheryl Jamison” event takes place on Saturday, April 28 from 3 to 5 pm, when she'll give a talk about New Mexico's fascinating culinary traditions, from recipes to historic restaurants and everything in between. The event, held at a private residence, features food inspired by her recipes. Reserve your spot here.

Samantha Brown in Town

Did you catch the intrepid Samantha Brown exploring the capital city in her half-hour PBS travel show “Samantha Brown's Places to Love?” The television travel host's episode about Santa Fe aired in January, but you can likely catch it in repeats or stream it online. As Samantha makes her way through the city's ancient, winding streets and meandering mountain trails, she stops for a margarita at Cowgirl BBQ and is wowed by the signature, red-chile rimmed Santa Fe Margarita Trail version. “If you're going to walk the Santa Fe Margarita Trail, one of the prime watering holes is this one,” she says, while the Houston-based Hogan & Moss band play their “Old Weird America” music on the patio. Getting ready to move on, Samantha notes that the Cowgirl is a place that “celebrates the inner Cowgirl in all of us, with great food, great drinks and great live music every night.” Those of us who live here couldn't agree more.

Samantha also sits down with Tomasita's founder Georgia Maryol in the storied restaurant for a meal of enchiladas, and marvels over the flavors of our local red and green chile. When she points out that the restaurant scene in Santa Fe rivals that of a city three times its size, it might be hard to believe, at first. Think about it, thought, and it really shouldn't surprise anyone. As the episode ends, you find yourself feeling grateful to live in such a fabled, food-dominated town.